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Sacred Fertiliser

Cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt. If a cat died, everybody in the house shaved off their eyebrows as a sign of mourning (if a dog died they shaved the whole body).
Cats have long since lost their sacred status. When, in 1888, over three lakh mummified cats were found in a burial ground in Egypt, thousands of the mummies were pounded into powder, packed into bags and sent to England as fertiliser.

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ayhan mentesh
Congratulations! Thank you for your stories. I am tranlating them into turkısh. I am a painter, writer from cyprus. I am fond of Indian culture. Thank you
It's a very fascinating information. Thanks.
The information is not bad. I want information on Indian culture.
sakinah k
Hi. I would like to have all the answers to those questions that has already been asked .
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