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Make Your Own Tree!

You can create your own forest with trees of different colors. For a large forest with colorful effects, you might want to use green, yellow, orange, and red color papers. You can stick these trees on greeting cards, writing clever messages on each side of the tree. You could string these colorful trees on a string and tie them on your doorstep. You can do many different things with this tree as your imagination dictates! Materials needed: 1. One standard sheet of sturdy color paper or thin colorful cardboard. 2. Scissors 3. Small bits of transparent tape Method: 1. Fold a piece of color paper in the center and cut it in half. 2. Put the two pieces together and fold again. 3. Using a pen draw the zigzag shape of a pine or Christmas tree on the page opposite the fold. 4. Cut along the line carefully. Now you will have two identical trees. 5. Using a ruler, draw a thin line in the center of each tree. 6. Mark the trees A and B. Using a fine pair of scissor; cut a slit along the bottom half of the tree A. For tree B, cut along the top half of the center. STOP when you reach about the length of the tree. 7. Assemble the tree by slipping the trees together along the slits. 8. Using a clear tape, tape the bottoms, and top pieces together. This will make the tree stand up and stop the cut ends from flopping over. Hints: 1. You can vary the size of the tree by varying the length of the paper. For taller trees, you will need longer paper. 2. If you love decorating the tree, you could use silver sprinkles, draw pinecones, or stick colorful bindi. 3. Remember to recycle your trees!

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