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Aparna . B. George

Class VII

Bhavans Vidya Mandir

Girinagar, Cochin


I once visited the zoo

To learn what the animals do.

There were lions, tigers and bears

With rabbits and tortoises and hares.

The fierce tigers were in a cage

The angry lions were in a rage.

The rabbits were about to race

With the tortoises who hadnít got a base.

The smallest of the hares

Were the preys for the bears.

The beautiful peacock spreads its wings

And raises its head like the king of kings.

The wriggly wiggly snake

Fear inside us make.

The monkey likes to swing

And snatch from the lady her ring.

Iím happy I visited the zoo

For I could learn what the animals do.

Words of Appreciation

Namrata.Sugathan Nice poem and nice english.
Dada Brilliant baby, I loved it.
June nahas Very vivid. Keep writing.
ponnu Wow! I'm glad to see your poem here. Keep writing more.
hana azeez It was very exciting !

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