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These are Stories that grow ever more popular as time passes.
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The Great Race

It was a lazy holiday morning. Guntu, the hare's sleep was disturbed by a special smell. Popping his head out of the window, he saw something very unusual.


Tales From Readers :A Parrot and A Crow
In a garden, many birds were living happily on different trees. On one tree, a family of Parrot and a family of Crow had made their nests. The baby Parrot and baby Crow grew up together. They became young there. One day the Parrot told his mother that he wanted to go to a nearby forest to earn something.
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Tales From Readers :Speaking Garden and Speaking Well
A farmer named Vashram Bhuva lived in a village. He had a garden of vegetables. One greedy man named Dala Tarvadi also lived in the same village. He always found ways to buy things cheap. One day Dala Tarvadi was passing by Vashram Bhuva's vegetable garden. He saw there was nobody in the garden.
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