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A Voice

A Voice

I have a voice,

Itís the time to make a choice.

How we want to treat,

our earthís oceans and seas.

Itís the time to act,

Now we all have to react.

To save our mother earth,

And know itís true worth.

Itís the time to protect, to conserve,

The seas and oceans,

Which make our life an occasion,

Of happiness and joy.

Donít take it for granted

Seas and oceans are wanted.

You will only use it later.

Accept the oceans,

Take care of the seas,

As they take care of,

The world, you and me.

Whether it is the man or the fish,

Each and everyone needs a habitat to live,

As a habitat for the shark,

Seas and oceans have made a mark.

In my life and I believe in yours too.

Yes its true,

Seeing the seas blue,

I think how would I survive,

Without them being a part of my life


Gurman Bhatia

Class 7 B

St. Francis De Sales School

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