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Pseudonym Quiz

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Find the real names of these persons 
using their literary pseudonyms.

1. Voltaire.

Frank Norris.
Francois Marie Arouet.
John Reed.
Heinrich von Kleist.

2. Mark Twain.

John Oldman.
John Keats.
Ellen Glasgow.
Samuel L Clemens.

3. George Orwell.

Eric Arthur Blair.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Samuel Johnson.
George Bernard Shaw.

4. O.Henry.

Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Henry Surrey.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.
William Sydney Porter

5. Lewis Caroll.

Alfred Lord Tennyson.
Reverand Charles Lutwidge Dogson
Percy Bysshe Shelly.
Giovanni Boccaccio.

6. Maxim Gorky.

Ezra Pound.
Sergei Esenin.
Alexei Peshkov.
Heinrich von Kleist.

7. Pablo Neruda.

David Pinski.
Carl Sandburg.
Neftali Ricardo Reyes y Basualto (Ricardo Reyes).
Meredith Nicholson.

8.George Eliot.

Mary Ann Evans.
Julia Ward Howe.
Charlotte Bronte.

9. Saki.

Benjamin Franklin.
Hector Hugh Munro.
William Sydney Porter.
Rabindranath Tagore.

10. Elia.

Charles Dickens.
Alexander Pope.
Dr. Samuel Johnson.
Charles Lamb


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