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Egg Quiz

For a long time there has been a debate as what came first the chicken or the egg! Though we do not attempt to find a solution to the above, we definitely shall proceed further to know more about eggs!

1. What is the study of bird eggs called?

2. What are egg laying animals known as?

3. Which living bird lays the world's largest egg?

4. Which living bird lays the world's smallest egg?  
     Bee Humming Bird

5. What is the most important part of an egg called?
     shell membrane

6. Which is the world's leading egg-producing country?

7. Which is the largest egg producing state in the country?
     Andhra Pradesh

8. Chicken eggs contain a fatty substance. What is it called?

9. Where is the air cell located in an egg?
     Always on the Top
     Larger End
     Smaller End

10. In which festival around the world are hard boiled eggs used for decoration?
     Thanksgiving Day

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