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1857 Uprising

1. What is the First War of Indian Independence commonly called by the British?
     Quit India Movement
     First War
     Sepoy Mutiny
     None of the Above

2. Which of the following was not a reason for the uprising?
     Lower salaries of the Indian Soldiers than that of the British soldiers.
     The proclamation of Queen Victoria
     Doctrine of Lapse.
     Rumour that the cartridges which had to be bitten off before use, were coated with animal fat

3. In the capture of Delhi by the British forces, which Mughal king was captured and exiled to Burma?
     Shah Jehan
      Bahadur Shah

4. Who was the Governor - General of India during this period? nbsp; 
     Lord Dalhousie
     Lord Canning
     Lord Curzon
     Lord Lytton

5. Who first redefined the 'sepoy mutiny' in his book which was banned even before it could be published?
     Veer Savarkar
     Mahatma Gandhi
     Jawaharlal Nehru
     Lokmanya Tilak

6. When did the 1857 uprising begin ?
     July 10
     June 10
     May 10
     September 10

7. Who fired at a British officer in order to inspire his regiment into an open revolt at the Barrackpore cantonment at Meerut?
     Mangal Pandey
     Ishwari Prasad
     Shaikh Paltu
     None of the above

8. Who protested against the British for not being allowed to adopt a successor?
     Bahadur Shah Zafar
     Lal Hanumant Singh
     Raja Kunwar Singh
     Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi

9. Who led a revolt in Bundelkhand alongwith Rani of Jhansi?
     Pandurang Tope
     Tatya Tope
     Nana Saheb

10. Which British company's rule ended after this uprising?
     West India Company
     South India Company
     North India Company
     East India Company

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