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Teachers' Day


1. On which day is the World Teachers' Day celebrated?
     5th October
     5th March
     5th September
     5th August

2. Who inaugurated 'World Teachers' Day'?
     Red Cross

3.Over how many countries celebrate World Teachers' Day?

4. What is the theme for the World Teachers' Day 2006?  
      Opening doors to a better World
     Teachers Expanding Horizons
     Quality Teachers for Quality
     Teachers, a force for change

5. When is Teachers' Day celebrated in India?
     15th July
     31st August
     5th September
     5th October

6. In whose honour is the Teachers' Day celebrated in India?
     Rabindranath Tagore
     Dr. S Radhakrishnan
     Swami Vivekananda
     Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

7. In which year was Teachers' Day first celebrated in India?

8. In which year was the University Education Commission formed?

9. The National Open University in India formed on September 20, 1985 is named after which late Prime Minister?
     Jawaharlal Nehru
     Morarji Desai
     Rajiv Gandhi
     Indira Gandhi

10. Who among the following world famous personalities has not been/ is not a teacher?
     Albert Einstein
     Jawaharlal Nehru
     Maria Montessori
      Stephen Hawking

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