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1. In which year was the first International Football Match played?

2. Where was the first world cup held?

3. Which country won the 2002 World Cup?

4. How much does the World Cup Trophy weigh?  
      3,700 grams
     4,970 grams
     5,020 grams
     5,500 grams

5. What is the mascot for the 2006 FIFA World Cup?
     Goleo VI

6. Which country has won the cup maximum number of times?

7. Who is awarded the Adidas Golden Shoe Award?
     Highest Goal Scorer
      Best Goalkeeper
     Best Player
      Best player under 21 years of age

8. Who has the record of scoring the maximum number of goals in the World Cup?
     Michael Owen
     Luís Figo
     Gerd Mueller

9. Which company has supplied match balls for all official FIFA and UEFA matches since the 1970's?

10. Which Country will host the next FIFA world cup finals in 2010 ?
     South Africa

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