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Taj Mahal

How much do you know about India's most famous monument?  Find out by answering this quiz!

1. On which river is it situated?
      Yamuna river

2. Which Mughal emperor built it and 
     how many years did it take to complete?
      Jehangir - 18 years
      Shah Jahan - 22 years

3. In whose memory was it built?

      Mumtaz Mahal, his wife
      Jahanara, his mother

4. Name the main architect of the Taj Mahal.

      Ustad Ahmad Lahori
      Faiz Khan

5. What is the style followed in the layout of the gardens called?

      The Persian Char Bagh style
      German Gothic Style

6.  What is this type of building called?
     Islamic Mosque
      Islamic tomb

7. What kind of trees line the pathway to the Taj?


8. From whom did the emperor buy land to build the Taj?
     Raja Jai Singh
      Madho Singh

9. What do the four water-channels in the garden signify?

      The four elements
      The four rivers of the Islamic paradise

10. What unique government rule applies to the monument?

      No aircraft is allowed to fly over the Taj Mahal
      No one can smoke in its vicinity

Did you know?
The Bibi ka Maqbara built by Aurangzeb in Daulatabad, Maharashtra is an  imitation of the Taj Mahal.

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