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Alas!the time has come for us
To walk out of this lane
So precious moments we had in this school
With our friends who are damn cool!
Some are humble,some are naughty,
Some are history,while some are mystery
The wonderful 'Dreams' that we had during certain classes
Most probably English,history followed by chemistry!
The silly fights we had with our friends
If to be counted has a long trend
Making noises during prosy class
Keeping names of teachers was our favourite tasks!
The feeling of patriotism we used to have during the Independence Day
Whereas rocking the stage with beautiful performances at Teachers Day!
The Late Nights during exams
That used to turn into horrible nightmares of results!
The fun and enjoyment of vacations,
Missing friends and teachers
Thinking life impossible without them

THANK YOU to all my teachers for their guidance and teachings!
THANK YOU to all my friends for their awesome support and help!
THANK YOU my lovely school for giving me such beautiful memories to be remembered!
No matter where we all might be after our departure but these memories will always bind us together
And bring smile in our faces!!!!!
I will miss you "MY BAHAI SCHOOL"

Nisha Pradhan

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