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My School Punishment

Hello students, just quote your school punishment for coming late, improper uniform, incomplete homework, homework not done, etc...

Started on  1-Mar-2003  By  tulika



Hi Tulika! I had not worn my proper dress to the school so I was sent back home to wear my proper dress.


Well Tulika, once I went to school without completing the homework. I was surprised when our miss said that she was going to do a surprise checking, and then you know what!


Standing on the bench (cliché) ha ha, they do that even to 10th standards. That was when I realised how hard it is drawing circles (with a compass) while standing on the bench


Well since I go to Westwood Middle School we get broken arrows. A broken arrow is a slip of paper that tells what you did wrong and then your teacher signs it and if you have too many you can't go to the reward party at the end of the nine weeks. The reward is usually a movie or something like that.


In our school, murga punishment is very common. We have to become murga for atleast 10-15 minutes even though I am in 10th class. It is very painful


I went to a co-ed convent and we had a strict nun as principal. I was late for the morning assembly by 3 minutes and received 6 cuts with a ruler on the back of the legs in front of the whole secondary school


I was made to kneel down outside the class for not having done my haircut. Unforunately, the principal was on his routine rounds as usual with his special cane.....ouch! I still feel the vicious cane on my knuckles!


I was caned with a ruler on the hands for not doing my maths homework.


Oh my god! I didn't know pupil in India for not doing small things get such big punishments (even I am an Indian). Not that I am boasting but in foreign we don't get such punishments. Worst is that we have to stand and the luckiest thing is that no teacher can beat anybody!


One day I was caught kissing with my boyfriend during school hours when I was doing std 3. I got 5 strokes on my buttocks for a punishment.


I am a high school student in Japan. I had to stand out in the hall for talking in class. The teacher would not let me back in when the bell rang, and I had to remain standing in the hallway during the entire break period, having been seen by almost everyone in the school. It was so humiliating.


Please comment whether all students including girls (15+) should be punished as Murga/Murga Parade?


About Arpita's question, I think that "murga" as a punishment should be banned completely and no child should be punished that way, unless they be girls.


I'm in 8th grade. As a punishment earlier this year I had to write 500 times, "I must learn to do my homework." It took forever to write those lines and my hand hurt for days afterwards. It was awful.


I just want to say that no one should be given "murga"punishment, and girls shoudn't be given at all.


My miss made me stand in the front of the class with my face to the wall and hands on the back for one hour.


What is murga punishment?


The worst punishment I got was when I did not answer the question asked by my maths teacher. He made me stand through the whole class and ordered me to report to the principal after school and my principal, a mean person gave me nice beatings.


I want to know if girls are still caned with a ruler in schools?


I'm from Malaysia. I was given 6 strokes of the cane on the bottom before for repetitively not doing my homework. It was extremely painful and embarassing. I can't believe I still get the cane even when I am already 15.

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