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Pix-Ray Graph

As the next item at a magic show, the magician brought a big black box on the stage.
It is covered on all sides, with a glass on the front side and a door on one of the sides.
When he turns a switch(knob) on the box slowly, the light inside the box became brighter.
Nothing was there inside the box.
He opened a side door and entered in to it.
Through the front glass we could see him entering in to the box.
Then he came out and asked one of his assistants to enter into the box.
An assistant entered and after walking around, he stood at the center of the box, facing the audience.
The door closed.
The magician started rotating the switch(knob).
The light inside the box slowly became dim.
A frightening screaming was heard from background.
Slowly the assistant became Transparent (not invisible) .
Slowly the light became brighter and only his skeleton was visible.
As he turned the knob, either the assistant or his skeleton became visible.
Based on the same principle we have developed a new Instrument called Pix-Ray Graph!
It can take the x-ray of a face from a photograph!
You can also make one for your personal use and to surprise your friends or as part of your school project.

Things used:
- A box measuring 15 X 10 cm with a height of 6 cm.
- Two LEDs of 3v
- Two small 1.5 v batteries
- A battery holder
- A small Variable resistor of 10 k with a knob
- A plain glass of 7 X 6 cm.
- A small switch or push button
- 4 pieces of Card board measuring 5 X 6 cm
- One card board piece measuring 15 X10 cm.
- A piece of thin wire.
Note : LED, Variable Resistor, battery holder and small switch are available in any electronics shop.

The Box Preparation

- Fix the four card board pieces inside the box as shown here.
- Fix the glass at 45 Degree as shown in the picture
- Put a hole of 0.5 cm diameter in the center on the front side.
- Paste two photos as shown in the picture.
- Picture 1 a colour picture showing a face and Picture-2 showing a skull of same size.
The Box Lid Preparation

Make two holes on the lid, one for the Variable resistor and another for the switch.
- Fix both on the lid.
- Mark the place for the LED, make small holes only and insert the pins through it to fix them.
The Connection

Here is how you need to do the connection. You can get the help of any adult to solder it or just twist the wires tightly to fix it.

Your Pix-Ray Graph is ready.

Put the switch on and turn the knob of the variable resistor. One LED becomes bright and the other becomes dim. When the LED-1 is on, the picture near it will become visible. When LED-2 is on, the picture near to that become visible.
How It works
The glass in the middle works as transparent and also as a mirror. When LED-1 is on, the light passes through the glass and the picture near it becomes visible. But when LED1 is off and LED2 is on, the light from the second LED falls on the picture and it gets reflected on the glass. Thus it works as a mirror.

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