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Peeving Poppy

There once was a little boy
His pet name was Poppy
People always teased him,
As he was clumsy and sloppy

One day the kids passed a forest
Careful not to make a sound
But clumsy as he already was
Poppy fell to the ground

“Thud” came the loud noise
Waking up a hungry lion
Frightened the kids stopped short
For what seemed like an eon.

Too scared even to breathe
They gasped and they sighed
With bloodshot eyes, with pounding hearts
They looked from side to side

Out - came the lion
With a warning gaze
Watching the stunned boys
Observing a royal haze

In all his own clumsiness
Poppy tried to stand
But tripped over a branch,
Came flying down the sand.

Quickly towards the confused cat
Closer and closer he rolled
Still holding the branch he tripped on
Like a knight brandishing his sword

“Thud” hit the branch on the face
“Thump” he banged against feet
Now animal and boy rolled together
Oh! What a fate to meet !

Down down the valley ended
Into a sparkling stream
The lion beamed at his meal
While the boy let out a scream

Again in all his clumsiness,
He fell into a net
Laid out to tame the lion,
Man! Was HE upset ?!

Hanging upside down a tree
He waited above the stream
While the lion was carried away;
By the waters, to meet fresh bream

Now Poppy became a Hero !
A brave and new delight!
A lad with weary clumsiness
But My ! What extraordinary might !

- Aruna Kumari G. S


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