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Eliminate Forgetfulness Through Organization

Author - Susan French

How many times have you forgotten it was a half day of school? Can you imagine how frightened and sad your child feels? Can you picture the expression on your child's face when you forget to attend his school play? These are memorable moments in your young child's life that can not be rel-relived. Unfortunately, busy parents do honestly forget and we don't realize the impact this has upon our child. We must organize our time and place priorities in our scheduling and time management. This is not an easy skill and we need modern technology to help. It is no longer our pocket paper calendar or post it note. The iPhone calendar can not suffice for this parent /child bonding organizational skill.
We somehow try to make time to cuddle up together and read a story but it doesn't occur to us to cuddle and organize our day. When the child tells parent of school or their social activities they feel a sense of recognition and importance. This is a priceless bonding connecting time. The parent becomes aware of the child's school functions and understands how imperative it is to attend. When we hear our own child's voice pleading to attend the school trip this sheds a new light on this activity. There are children's calendars and planners specifically designed for this type of organizing. We need to see it on the month and not by the week. Educationally speaking the child grasps the calendar concept easier. You need simple and kid friendly organizer calendar. I always suggest colorful graphics to motivate the child. Select a planner that contains real life items that child recognizes in his daily life. Make use of all senses. The voice activation is an excellent motivator. Have this activity be child centered and allow the child to plan and parent give gentle suggestions. This is now dual purpose. The parent will become aware of child's activities and dates to remember and the child is introduced to organization and time management at an early age. This prepares him for the real life long skills.
Forgetfulness is caused by lack of organization. It is embarrassing and can be eliminated by organization. As in learning any skill it takes time and practice. You may think I don't have the time to sit down and check out his program with him. However, the 5 or 10 minutes spent daily is quality time and the benefits are well worth it. Organization contains in all aspects of our lives. The child must learn to organize his home work space. Be sure there is enough paper, pens, clips etc to work properly. School books should be arranged in a systematic order as well as toys. There is no room for clutter.Books not used should be donated. Always remember sometimes less is more. Children can not function in clutter and this becomes a distracting factor in learning.
It is the role of the parent to guide child on how to organize schedule-time management and personal possessions but the child must do it alone. Organization is the key to remembering.
About the Author
Susan French is the author of the app 4kidcal on iTunes Store rated "new and noteworthy." by editors of Apple. This is a voice activated calendar and you may view video of students learning. She possess a B.A, M.A. - mentor teacher and math coach!/id592977722?mt=8
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