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The Fox and the Camel

Once upon a time there lived a camel and a fox in a forest. They both were very good friends. Near the forest there was one river. The fox had to cross the river but due to high flow of the water it was very difficult for the fox to cross. He took help from the camel and crossed the river. One day the camel asked the fox “ I want to eat some sweet food now can you help me in finding food" The Fox replied,"Okay but there is some risk because your food is near the village and if the farmers see you, they will beat both of us." They reached the sugarcane field. Suddenly the fox start making noises, the camel asked him to stay quite but the fox did not listen. Hearing the noise the farmer came and beat the camel. The fox laughed a lot. The Camel told the Fox,"I have helped you many times, but today because of your mistake I was beat by the farmer." After few days there was flood in the forest and the fox start drowning in the water. He asked for help, but the camel was angry with the fox. He said," I will not help you now." The fox requested the camel to save him and apologised for his mistake. The camel forgived and saved the fox. Once again they started living happily in the forest.

Message: Forgive your friend for their mistakes and move ahead.

Ajay Singh

Words of Appreciation

vaishna modern moral-pretty enlightening!
Sourav chandra Nce
vasudha It ' s very nice story....superb ...
muhammad usama nice story it helped me in test.

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