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Project – Save Water

Life without water is impossible. Water is needed in every day-to-day activity like drinking, bathing, washing, cooking, brushing, watering plants, etc. And now due to wastage of water , only some limited amount of pure
water is left on the Earth. This is because we don't use water properly and we dirty the rivers, lakes, ponds etc.,by washing clothes and having a bath in it and also by releasing harmful chemicals from the factory in it.
How to save WATER ?
1:While brushing we should keep the tap closed.
2:We should collect the rain water in a basket.
3:We should ensure that we have closed the tap tightly.
4:While bathing we shouldn't use a shower or tub but instead we should use a bucket and a mug.
5:We should keep a check of all the taps at home.
6:We should keep our wells, tanks, rivers etc. clean.

Shreya Mathur

Words of Appreciation

RA Singh My Child of primary scool wants to make project on save water.
name good
afw My Child of primary scool wants to make project on save water.
debjitdey Project on save water. That can be done in chart paper (drawing)
vikas This should have been a little bigger& the standard of english should have been higher.
not giving it I love what you wrote.
charles good work
denil save water,water will save you.
simple katyal my son has to make project on "SAVE WATER.

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