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One Little Rabbit

One Little Rabbit

One little rabbit

had a bad habit

He would chew

the grass with morning dew.

The lawns turned brown

The old farmer frowned

He thought of a trick

to trap the bunny in the bricks

So he made a brick barrack

and covered it with some carrots.

The smart bunny

brought some honey

spread it around the barrack

and stole all the carrots

The farmer was amazed

with the act that bunny displayed

Come lets be one

Together we shall have some fun

The rabbit would shoo the birds in no time

The farmer would rest till then in delight

He gave him carrots, morning grass with dew

Cheers ! guys such friends are very few.


Zinnie Kakkar

23 yrs

Words of Appreciation

sanjay Zinnie---it's very well composed and rhymic. Keep it up

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