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Finding the Culprit

There was a society called Shiv Society. There used to live many families in that society. The children living there used to ride and race with their cycles or used to play something else. All children were happy and enjoyed playing. But after some days some of the cycles were getting punctured regularly. Everyone was very upset. They wanted to know who was upto this mischief. After a few months the summer vacations started. Some went to their native place while some stayed in the society and during this period there were no punctures. Then a boy called Aditya came up with an idea. He called all his friends and said, "Friends! I have a plan in my mind to catch the culprit. First tell me who all have gone to their native place." A boy said, "Yash, Raja, Kartik and Rajesh." Aditya said, “Fine! When one of these boys returns and if the cycles get punctured again then he is the one who is doing the punctures. Around twenty days nothing happened. The moment Yash came the punctures started. All of them questioned Yash and came to know he was the culprit. The children complained to Yash's parents. Yash's mother mom called him and asked why he did the punctures and Yash replied, "I don’t have a cycle and sometimes no one plays with me while they all ride cycles so I do these punctures." Then Yash's mom and dad scolded him at the same time they understood his feelings and forgave him. They also bought a new cycle for him.

Moral: Nobody should be jealous of each other and should not harm his/her holdings.

S.Sharvesh Guru
Ryan International School,
Nerul, Navi Mumbai

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