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The lasting green

I am a young leaf, small and green
Safe in the hands of my mother tree
strong like my father root has ever been,
along with my siblings the world I see.

Thus, with my oak family I lived happily
yet the most fearing matter kept worrying me.
While my elder relatives become yellow, sadly
I kept on thinking what the reason it might be.

but one day I realized everything, I fuss
when my own brother met the same fate in his way,
for now I know he is no more with us
because it was death that took him away

now I know that one day a yellow leaf shall I be
and one day I shall fall from the care of my mother
for the fall of my brother was a warning to me
but I shall live my young life to the fullest ,so I donít bother!

So my young friends,let us also be like this leaf ,leading a life of happiness insead of waiting for our day that shall turn us yellow.

Megha Chirayil

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