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The Price of A Moustache

Raja Krishna Chandra once expressed the opinion that scholars were the cleverest men in his kingdom. Gopal, the Jester, immediately disagreed. He said that businessmen were cleverer and offered to prove it.
A few days later Gopal called a scholar to the palace. Gopal told him that the king wanted his moustache and asked him to name his price. The scholar, overjoyed, asked for 20 gold coins and when he was paid the amount, allowed a barber to shave his upper lip clean.
Next, a business-man was sent for. When he came and was told that the king wanted his moustache a pained look came on the mans face. He claimed that it was because of his moustache that he commanded respect in society and that if he shaved it off his business would suffer. He asked for 20,000 gold coins for it. Gopal gave him the money and sent for the barber. But when the barber approached him, the businessman pushed him away.
The moustache now belongs to the king! he growled. I wont let anyone touch it! And with that he turned around and walked out of the palace.
Raja Krishna Chandra who had been listening from behind a screen had to admit that in some matters at least, businessmen were cleverer.

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