Digital Dimdima


The King of Fruits

Gopal Bhand had a large appetite and was known to eat enormous quantities of food especially when invited to feasts. One day a zamindar decided to test his capacity and invited him to lunch.
Gopal ate as much as three men would have done and then emitted a loud belch.
"Enough?" asked his host.
"No place for even a grain of rice more," said Gopal.
Just then a servant came in with a plate of mango slices.
"Mango!" exclaimed Gopal, his mouth watering. He took the plate from the servant and ate all the slices.
"Amazing," said the zamindar. "You said you did not have place for even a single grain of rice yet you devoured almost three mangoes. How do you explain that?"
"Very simple," said Gopal. "What happens when you walk into a crowded room? Everybody steps aside to let your royal person pass. Something similar happened here. The mango being the king of fruits, all the food in my stomach made way for it."

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