Digital Dimdima


The Beauty Contest

A farmer was returning home from his fields one evening when suddenly two women appeared in front of him.
"I am the goddess of poverty," said one of them.
"And I am the goddess of wealth," said the other.
"W-what do you want from me?" asked the man, his voice faint with fear.
"Tell us who between the two of us is the more beautiful," said the goddess of wealth, giving him an enchanting smile.
The man knew he was in a dangerous position. If he favoured the one, he would displease the other. But he was a clever man and thinking fast he said to the goddess of wealth:
"When you are entering a house, you are certainly the more beautiful." Then turning quickly to the other deity said:
"But there's none to compare with you when you are leaving a house. Then, it is you who are the more beautiful."
The deities beamed with joy and disappeared, and the farmer heaved a sigh of relief and hurried home.

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