Gandhi Quiz


A Family of Tyrants

A shopkeeper of Isfahan went to the governor of the city and begged him to exempt him from a tax that had recently been levied on shopkeepers.
"My shop is not doing too well and I have a large family to support," he explained.
"That does not concern me," said the governor. "Pay up or leave the city."
"Where can I go?" said the man.
"Go to Shiraz or Kashan," said the governor. "They are prosperous cities."
"That is true," said the shopkeeper. "But your nephew rules Shiraz and he has made the same laws, and as for Kashan, it is ruled by your cousin."
"Then go to the king and complain," said the governor, impatiently.
"The king's prime minister is your brother," continued the shopkeeper. "He will not grant my request."
"Go to Hell!" roared the governor.
"Ah, yes, Hell," said the shopkeeper, gravely. "But pardon me, Your Excellency, did not your respected father die last year?"
The governor had a sense of humour.
He laughed and agreed to exempt him from the tax.

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