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Indian population
I think indian population is not under control and it is really creating many problems such as unemployment, poverty etc.
Started on  9-Jan-2005  By  Dipti   E-mail :

Ya, Dipti you are correct over population is creating many problems in India


Yes dipti and kannu you are right it will cause many problems like unemployment water scarcity poverty, etc;


You all are true, my friends. India is the second largest populated country in the world


yes its true because of over population trees are getting cut down because of which balance in nature can be disturbed. POPULATION SHOULD BE CONTROLLED


Yes, I am too fed up of this population. Its creating problems like: poverty, diseases, shortages. I have read that India will be the most populated nation in the world by 2040.


Yeah I do agree with all of you above. But,the good news is that the growth rate is decreasing steadily and maybe after 2050 we will have a negative growth rate.


I agree with this statement but government is trying to control it and I hope it will be controlled soon.


Yes, the fact is that we are lacking awareness, our government is introducing many provisions and policies, but fails to implement or follow up the same. We have to see the example of other developing countries, like China where it has been a great success.


Population is the root cause for all our problems. All of us should strive hard to reduce this at our respective spheres. We are presently in Chennai which is overflowing with population. I shall do my best by directly contributing to it by not marrying for some time and also organising conferences and seminars on the subject.


I don't think that indian population is exceeding the limit at this situation every family can be limited with four members but not even less, since if the population is stable in India after ten years, the major population will be the youth which leads to the growth of the country.


Yeah I do agree with Sahana and the rest of you that over population is a great hindrance to our country, people must be educated and public awareness programmes must be organised with a motto Small Family,Happy Family. Over population is not merely in size but in quality.


Yes I agree with you all because the open caste people do not get admission in colleges. So decrease the growth in population.


Hi all , I think this is the top matter of serious concern of all , but sorry to say I felt there is a big gap between action and theory of our govt. as well as our leaders. I think there is a great lacking of political desire. Actully no one is interested to take risk and intervene in such a sensitive issue.


hi,I surely agree that the steps taken are not at all enough because they say steps will be taken but no steps are taken by anyone. Our govt. should be as strict as China,in such cases. Please, the readers try to control the growing population of India as well as world. Mother Earth is very tired. Please do help her.


Population is really more in India, But what to do, Nothing is in our hand, everything is with the Govt.


I am new for your discussion. How can we control our population? Will you please tell me?


India occupies just around 2.3% of world geographical area but its population is 16.6% of total world population. This is a whopping difference in negative direction as population requires area; food; mineral resources; facilities like health; education etc. on large scale. It is due to bulk of our population that we have to worry about hunger & shelter rather than to concentrate on our economic; social & cultural growth.


Indian population is very high as considered to that of the developing countries. India is Second Largest Population Country in the World. To control the Population the Education is the Basic thing. In India 70% of the Population live in the Rural Areas. In rural areas only 10% of the population is educated that too not fully. Therefore they do not know the Effects of the Population growth. If they get the Proper Education then they can come to know about the effects of the Population Growth and this will help to reduce the Population as well as Poverty and Unemployment.


I believe India's population is creating lots of problems like unemployment etc. Indian government should take the population as the manpower of india. Otherwise population will be like pollution. Every body knows the main cause of population but they are doing nothing. Governments are making lots of plan to control population but actually they are not taking it seriously.


I agree with all people who are in favour of population explosion preventing measures. I personally feel that there are some people who don't care about popultion explosion. Besides there are so many reasons and major reason is people living in slums, so we need to take proper steps to avoid uncontrolled situation. I hope you agree with me.


guys I do agree with what you say, but I think rather than concentrating on its effects we should think of immediate remedies and the best way that comes out to me is MOTIVATIONAL TOOLS... like bonuses for those having one kid, etc..


I think that govt. must take immediate measures for controlling population.


Indians don't think of the national interests. The government has been trying to educate the masses since the 1960's and it has done nothing for the population control. Indian government must use FORCE to control its ever expanding population.


The growth rate is unacceptable, more so of muslim community, as per published data. This IS worrisome


Polulation is not merely a number. Like any statistical population, it is a group, and has many attributes attached to it. One of the important attribute though is Number of People. Other attributes are also equally important, like age ratio and sex ratio. Now as rate of growth decreases age ratio improves. Age ratio tells you how much percent of population is in what age group. As population grows much faster, we have more and more children, which are dependent on the adults to feeding. That increases poverty, as population grows older, dependency ratio falls and economy improves. Another important aspect is Sex Ratio, proportion of male-female.As female live longer generally there should be 1050 women per 1000 man. In india it is 930 so 12% already missing. If you see census data for the children born in last 3 years, you will be surprised to know that sex ratio has come down to 900 in many parts. Disturbing fact is that rich and educated people are more invoved in Female Foeticide,i.e. killing of girls before they are born. This is producing a skewed population i.e. with imbalancing sex ratio. One kid policy is dangerous,2 kids policy is better. As 2 people giving birth to child will reduce population drastically in the long run,disturbing Age Ratio to another extent.You will have more older people,that is also not recommended. Developed nations are already worried about decrease in population.


With the birth of billionth Indian as estimated by the United Nation's population division one in every six people in the world is an Indian. Of the total increase in world population 60% is contributed by just 10 countries, India stands on top with 21%.


Yes you are all in the right path. The population causes so many problems like you have listed out. Actually the land percentage is 71%. So the land is covered with people, children etc. At least the population will be 60-70% isn't it?


To control population, govt. has taken few steps like depositing 2000 Rs if the women sterilises after second female child. By doing so it avoids the craze for the male boy. Lakhs of social security (health unemployement and disability benefits) makes the people to go for security for self through male child for the later part of their life. The only way to avoid is by understanding the seriousness of the issues and implementing bold and firm law that giving birth to more than one child is punishable.


NOWDAYS INDIA'S POPULATION IS increasing day by day which is creating lots of problems like nowdays the process of deforestation is increasing day by day and these lead to global warming. The amount of carbon-di-oxicde is increasing which also creates the problem of green house affect. GOVT. has to take serious steps to control the problem of population. PROBABLY millons of indians are born in 1 day. This can become a serious problem afterwards so INDIAN GOVT. has to take steps to control it.


The main reason for the rapid increase in population of India is lack of awareness. Though there are many programmes made for the problem but the main reason they don't succeed is that their implimentation is not done to the fullest because the management concerned is not efficient.


The main reason for the rapid increase in population of India is lack of awareness. Though there are many programmes made for the problem but the main reason they don't succeed is that their implimentation is not done to the fullest because the management concerned is not efficient.


Yes the population factor is a concern and will be a bigger concern over the coming years unless there is something done to implement control measures. It certainly does increase poverty and access to food. Who agrees that in the next few years India will become like Africa if nothing is done?


Yes the population factor is a concern and will be a bigger concern over the coming years unless there is something done to implement control measures. It certainly does increase poverty and access to food. Who agrees that in the next few years India will become like Africa if nothing is done?


yes, Indian population is growing very fast. Some steps should be taken by all of us. Its not just telling to others but there should be some of our contribution also.


yes, Indian population is growing very fast. Some steps should be taken by all of us. Its not just telling to others but there should be some of our contribution also.


I agree with all of you but bignbob I don't agree with you about India becoming like Africa. The poverty in Africa is not due to population and on top of that Africa has developed to a large extent in the recent years. Coming back to the population of India yes it is the key factor of pollution today, and homelessness, scarcity of food, hygienic drinking water are some of the outgrowths of high population. One more thing is that too many refugees have taken shelter in India and they have ended up getting married with indians and increasing the population. Indian govt. should do something about this too.


I agree with all of you but bignbob I don't agree with you about India becoming like Africa. The poverty in Africa is not due to population and on top of that Africa has developed to a large extent in the recent years. Coming back to the population of India yes it is the key factor of pollution today, and homelessness, scarcity of food, hygienic drinking water are some of the outgrowths of high population. One more thing is that too many refugees have taken shelter in India and they have ended up getting married with indians and increasing the population. Indian govt. should do something about this too.


Its easy for a class teacher to control a class of 20. Its very difficult to control a class of 100. Whose fault is it, the teacher or the administrators? Obviously its the administrators for admitting 100 people in a class instead of 20. People dont need any children, it will be better if they just live out their lives. If India has 20 crore population it would be just like heaven. People will resort to cannibalism if they dont act now. There is a lot of difference between, two people eating a piece of bread and 100 people sharing it. No religion should be given exception in this regard. People put forward religion in order to have more children. Act now before our grand children become cannibals. India doesnt need democracy or secularism at this juncture, it needs dictatorship or communist ruling for some time, atleast till things settle down. There is nothing wrong in accepting a change. We have to have plan and target to meet. By 2200 population of India should be 20 crores. Thats the aim, lets draw a plan how to achieve it...


Over population is bad we are all going to die!


Thanks for all your pains it helped me in making my school project. I do think population is the major problem in front of Indian Government. But I also think that collective efforts can make India get rid of its worst problems.


It seems to me, population growth is not a problem. Many of them think that way, that is valuable resource for our country so we have to use the human resource to our development or growth of our country, through the population we have to select best people to our use . MOTIVATION GOES TO SUCCESS. example : if some had certain problem during the period they have required other people help. SO POPULATION GROWTH IS SUPPORTING TO OUR STATE. I LIVE IN TIRUNELVELI.


I agree with you dipti becauze the main point you have written so you have really become an discussor.


I want to know about.... how the population growth in India. Tell me the main reason like... from child marriage, uneducation,...


Oh, yeah. I totally agree. The government needs to take more steps to make our lives better. I think that with time, the government will realize the problem and do whatever is necessary to make India a more liveable country.


India is a very powerful country and I like indian culture. But unfortunately we have to face population problems and poverty, illiteracy, unemployment.


Indian population is main cause for poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc. but at the same time it provides opportunity for further development to the country.


Friends I agree with your views but I feel to reduce population it is very necessary to remove illiteracy and make people aware about after effects of more population, arrange seminars to teach to poor and illiterate people because poor and illiterate people are the big supporters for increasing population.


Why don't we look at China? The important aspect here is that successive Indian governments have blamed large population for lack of high rate of growth. They do so to hide their incapabilities. Why government is importing capital intensive technologies from West. We need labour based industries. I will support Gandhian idea in this matter. Government should promote indigenous industries and then upgrade it. Basically we have supply side constraints in our economy so why don't we target it first. Rising population has it's benefit too because it's a factor of production.


Well friends, nice to see all your statements about problems with the rising population. Can any one of you be satisfied with one kid? Looks difficult right? What ever the policy, start with u:)


As I observed the life style of European counterparts for the past 3 years. If a person knows the value of life span and how to make it happy he/she never commit such mistake with stupid and old beliefs to have big families. educating people, promoting the modern life style, nature care, working every one in the family, quality of work, time management etc but this all comes with literacy in my view:) By the way 70% of Indian population living in villages. I am also from a remote village where I saw people who cant feed their stomuch have more than two children. well, I try to promote the modern life and the gap between the western and India life style.


I too think that the population in India is increasing rapidly. It should be controlled.For example every second child by a same couple should be taxed.


Yes the population is growing rapidly in the country. It should be reduced by family planning.


Low literacy levels are leading to high population growth. People are not understanding the consequnces of high population. While we live luxurious,expensive but crowded lives ,in rural areas people live poverty stricken lives. There is a widening gap between the rich and the poor. Things must change before we face severe consequences.


Hello everybody,yes these days the Indian popuplation in growing in leaps and bounds and the main point is that in order to survive in the limited land the human population is cutting down the plant population.If this continous, no doubt a day will come when we will fight for even some fresh air to breath. If we the most intellegent species can control the brainless plant kingdom then we should not forget that there is still a power i.e. nature which is the greatest of all and can let the plant kingdom to have a full control on our population. So the time is still there to get a control on ourselves by having a control on our population and let our species to continue on this earth. Otherwise one day there would be no human or even animals on this earth and millions of years of evolution would be shattered to dust.


Hi. Not by discussing or talking about things will we be able to get rid of India’s problem. Major steps along with the co-operation of the people should be taken to create awareness among the people.


Most them are saying that most of the problems like unemployment, poverty etc is caused due to population. Population is not at all a BIG(i repeat a BIG) problem! Population was once considered bad but now it is a human resource. In India about 70% of the population are below 35 yrs. Then imagine at what rate India would have developed if all these work hard and were educated. In a western country more than 50% of the population are above 45-50yrs and that country is a super power today. Why is this not happening with India when there are so many youngsters? It is because of some people's attitudes they are not working hard and are illiterate. India has an excellent and the best human resource, but India with such a kind of human resource should have developed long back and this is because of illiteracy. So never consider population as a problem because it is a resource which some countries don't have!


Population is it bad?? We should not treat population as bad to our country. It is a real resource and we have enough natural resources. So educate people about their capabilty, make india strong. If you really believe in this then you can mail me. I am planning to start education org (NGO) for poor children. All suggestions are welcome. And government is not alone. Build chain make your presence felt.


Population is more in India. But what to do, nothing is in our hand. Everything is with the PUBLIC !!!!!


Yes ,the population is not yet controlled by the government.


Its a big problem for the development of India.


Yes it is a big problem.


Yes you all are correct. India is second largest populated but soon it will be the world's first populated country in the world.


I think population by educating people.


Yes we are also fed up from this problem, total population of near about 6 million and in India alone its about 1 million. We find that all problems in india because of population, like poverty, unemployent, crime, corruption, hike of rates, and so many other, and after 10 years or 20 years it will increase day by day and problem also occur in same order. How will we survive? Before 20 years we could get govt. job, or low rate land, there was low number of crime and corruption but now it is not so.


Dear friends, As we know that we have the scarcity of resources like water ,land ,food ,shelter and as the population our country is increasing it may be the nightmare for present and future also but on the other hand it is big resource that is human resource but it should be managed properly.


After independence India's popolation was just 40 crores. Today it is reaching 110 crores in just 58 years. Indian population cannot be expressed as population pressure but it has to be expressed as population explosion. Steps must be taken to control population otherwise we will not leave the earth for our heirs.


Of course it will affect the coming generation. It's the right time to take proper steps unless its too late as there is no use of crying over spilt milk.


I agree with Pradeep.


I totally agree that the rate at which population is growing shall spell disaster in the long run. I have read views of many people here that a measure to control population is to tax the second child of a couple but what about those who are below poverty line and are not paying any taxes? This would require a thorough research job by government. Similarly, the introduction of one child policy in India is quite dangerous because the sex ratio in some states of India is already skewed. Introduction of any such policy would lead to more and more cases of female foeticide since the preference of male child by Indians is already well known. People will resort to getting rid of their 'unwanted child'. The need of hour is to create more and more awareness and eradicating poverty as this is the major reason of the increasing population.


Yes I too think that the population of India is growing faster than other countries. In 1982 the population was 34.5 crore and in 2001 it has reached to 102.5 crore. What a vast difference of populaition growth. This population is not yet controlled by the gaovernment.


Thanks to all. This information was very usefel for my project. I will contribute after my project work.


oh! India is soon going to become the first in population. But what can we do?


India can boost of being a young nation as a large chunk of its population is below 35 years. However along with the numbers, the quality of human resource is of utmost importance. Here is what our country lacks in. The younger population is most often illiterate, easy going and will be only of little use in development of nation. The standards of our human population need to be raised. Let us not boast about being a younger nation and forget that the huge population is eating away our other vital resources. In a step towards the nation's overall development, the sections of the society who have volunteered towards single or two child families should be given rewards. This will serve an example for others to follow.




All of you have mentioned about India's population and have criticized the government for this problem, but my question is, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM? How has your action helped to stop the problems that arise from population. Mayb you are planning to have , or already have only 2 children or less. But have you tried spreading the word? Internet is indeed a nice way to convey messages but I doubt it if the people in the villages have the privilege of using the internet! They infact are the ones who need to know how much of a problem it is. If u'll really think of it as a problem spread the word. Educate ur maid or the female who sells vegetables outside your house about how this is being a problem. Spread the word amongst their frends. This will be a very small but effective begining!


I do agree with the topic but this does not mean its creating problems. We should engage our selves in productive work.


Its very much apt to say that the population is becoming a nightmare. The amount of resources each person consumes and damage done by the technologies to supply them, need to be taken as much into account as the size of the population. In theory, the three factors should be multiplied together to obtain an accurate measurement of the impact on the planet. UNHAPPILY, goverments do not keep statistics that allow the consumption and technology factors to be readily measured. So scientists substitute per capita energy consumption to give a measure of effect each person has on the environment. So, in a nutshell a serious step is to be taken for birth control and effectual action is necessary to fight against the eco, socio and cultural detoriation.


According to my opinion population growth has become a great problem for not only india but to the whole world. Our land area is quickly consumed as more people require more space to live, work, and play. Wilderness and scenic countryside shrink, parks become more crowded, and urban sprawl, stripmines, clearcuts, utility lines, landfills, and dams proliferate. Any reasonable definition of carrying capacity must include city parks and scenic countryside as well as lakes, rivers, and wilderness.


Hello Guys, I think Indian population is our strength, we can not blame it by ignoring the facts. Awareness is the most important way through which we can spread the developmental ideas to our Indian families. Don't forget that as "an Indian" we have responsibility to bring light into it. And this is the time to do it, so let's start from me. India is Great


India is leading in the worst matter of population growth. We are one of the seventh largest countries in the world in terms of area but second largest in terms of population growth.


Only saying that population control is going on and it will be controlled by 2050, is not correct idea.


Ya, really population growth is a big issue now. The government is not at all taking any steps to control the population growth. I think education for the people is very essential. Lack of education is one of the main reason for this. Birth rate is increasing day by day and death ree is decreasing. Its not a good point for India.


I truely agree with u. Population is growing very fast.


Indian population is a bee's-hive.


Yes it is a great problem which will be a burden to the whole world in some years specially to over populated country like INDIA


I agree with you all. India's population is creating a lot of problems. But how can we control it?


I agree with you guys that Indian population is growing very fast but can we ask an important question to ourselves that why is it happening? and what is the solution for it? We are spending more time on blaming the govt. But if we spend 10% of that time for bringing awareness among the people around us then it will be a great contribution for the country. Well, my opinion is that we should start awareness from grass root level like from the rural areas. Can't we spend few days of our life with them and educating them in a best way , come on we are educated, and what is the importance of our knowledge if we don't spread it in the right way to right people in the right time? We can't educate them by standing there whole life but atleast we can start from our family, our relatives, directing them in a right way , can't we do even that?


Growing Population is a problem and we should blame ourselves for that because as a citizen of this country we have not supported our own Govt in controlling the population of this country. In my opinion govt has done a lot and the family size of an Indian has come done from 8 to 5 in last 20 years. This is an achivement but there is a long way to go and young people of this country should take up this issue in their hands and support the govt in achieving the desired goal. We should not waste time in criticising the Govt. After all Govt is our representative.


The growing population of India is just over flooding into other countries and continents.


The population of India is increasing very fast and one reason is illiteracy in our country. If we could educate the people the problem can be solved. The second reason that there is no control by our government. The government is making rules and acts daily but there is not one for population control. I may give an example of China where there is a law to produce one and only one baby. I have a cutting of a news paper where a person has been fined 46 lakhs for having a second child. His house was sealed till he paid the penalty.


Why do we all think that government should take steps to control it,why not the people like you and me? If the lobby of literate people decide that they will take steps to educate the people who are around them like their servants, drivers, etc ......believe me we will have a control over it.


Yes some think Indian population as a problem. but think every problem has thousands of solutions. Think of the theory "1+1=3", so our population is a real asset to the nation and the world, let every opportunity be used fully for the growth and development and the energy be chanalised properly. Let there be equal sharing of the resources as M.K Gandhi said," The earth has enough for every individual and not for the greed of every person".


Fertility rates of individual communities should be made available by the census data and privileges should be given to those who are rated with the lowest fertility rates. Reservation policy should be amended accordingly.


Thanks so much. It has helped me quite a lot for my project.I think that if india's population is controlled it is a resource not a hindrance.


The population of India is increasing day by day.


hi thanks for some help.


To reduce a nation's population is very difficult. We might give hundred suggestions on how to control population but unless literacy rate is 100% this idea of controlling population will always be a dream. Instead of trying to control population we can utilize it in so many ways. Human resource is rich in India and hence it can be made into use in thousands of ways. As gandhiji said many brains are going into the drains as education is not being received by many children who have lots of potential. If education is made compulsory then we can be proud to have a country of so many individuals having variety of talents.


Yes I agree that Indian population is not under control as people are suffering from problems like poverty etc. People are even falling sick and the government cannot do anything about it as the population is so high in number and it cannot give enough money for their treatments.


I am thankful to you for giving such a great knowledge.


It is very true that India's population is increasing by leaps and bounds. It's because there's less awareness about the seriousness of this issue. Yes, literacy is one of the factors to combat it. But the very idea of nation's development is Urban-centric. Reverred M K Gandhi emphasised on the need of rural development, but today what we see is that due to lack of opportunities and resources the rural populace is flocking toward cities. The cities are already facing problems to accomodate the new arrivals due to shortage of resources like water,space,etc. This is infact leading to other problems like illegal constructions(eventually only to be legalised later); afforestation; conversion of fertile agricultural land to NA for construction purposes,etc. It has been predicted that if such things continue the world over, then the future battles will be fought for resources like water,etc. Today,we can see a glimpse of these issues in the disputes between our States for sharing the river water. Population explosion will eventually do more harm than good inspite of all the technological advancements to boast ! It's high time to address this and other more important issues with unity for the better of our nation, instead of falling prey to the divisive politics of the polticians!


Population is growing at an alarming rate.


I think each young person should take the decision to control the population.


Hi friends! I have been noticing one common thing in all the replies is "yes there is an increasing population and we must find a way to either utilise it or to reduce it." I am in favour of both. I believe that we must find all the possible means to utilise this resourse which is inexhaustible and also reduce it to the requirement. I am talking of reduction of that population that is illiterate n unaware. So friends let us not waste time, let us start from this moment to make our country shine in the darkness of this world.


Yes you guys are all right about the population problem in India. India's geographical land area in 1/4th of USA's land area and the population is just the 4 times bigger than US population. It's a HUGE problem. I agree with that idea to give rewards or incentives to women of being pregnant free and not having more than 1 or 2 children in later years and throughout her lifetime. Even we can try to push them for basic education and if they possess any interest or talent towards any job then it should be encouraged even if it means to give money to start their job or business. If we can overcome this problem then many other big issues will automatically be reduced in small if not totally eradicated. Just see all those developed nations. People in India should not only focus on what govt. can do but the people themselves should think outside the box and bring up some solutions. Don't always rely upon govt..There's a famous saying by JFK "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country".


I think you are right. But our main power is the population.


How much do you think we can cry over split milk? With that split milk we can make delicious foods like rasgolla,rasmalai,etc. This means that where there is a will there is a way. There is always a way to solve every problem. We can still make India a super country. I conclude by saying it was a curse earlier and now it is a boon. So I srongly believe that India's population is its strength.


Ya, population is not a problem according to me. If population is increasing then people are also getting employed and earing money so it is not a problem. But if people are not literate and not earning then it creates a problem


Population is a problem but we should also understand that a growing population is also a growing resourse. Since India is still a technically developing country, we need more and more people to run our machines. Therefore, I think it can be a solution only if it is utilised properly.


After carefully observing what is the status in many countries, I have come to the conclusion that India will have to pay huge price for not controlling its population now. It is true that world's population has doubled in last 50 years but India's population problem is even worse. India can't afford to have so many people. That creates cheap labour and povery. It is unacceptable, unethical, unjust for India to have so many people and consume so much resources. It is also affecting natural resources of the world adversely. The only solution that I can see for India's problem is to adopt One-child policy as China has done. That is the only long term solution. But our politicians can't do that one because it is democracy here and two our politicians are better off with more population so that they can continue to be illiterate, poor and it helps them. I think it is up to the people of the country to take up the challenge and create awareness and lobby for one child policy among people and to government. I am willing to work on this initiative and create a group and some NGO for this. If you guys are interested, please send me your emails at


The main reason behind India's slow growth rate is the increasing population. So the government should take it seriously and take necessary steps to solve this problem.


Population is a great problem for India. The number of people living in India is more than it can sustain.


Population must be controlled.

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