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Human power vs Machine power
I think machine power is better than human power because we cannot survive without our daily used machines like bike, cooler, computer etc.
Started on  14-Apr-2008  By  RAGHVENDRA   E-mail :

Yes its very obvious that machine power is better than the man power. But machine power has its limitations. It cannot survive without electricity and manhandling. If it doesn't have these two then it is completely useless. So man should not completely depend on machines. One more point is that due to the excessive use of machines man has become lazy. This laziness has brought in many problems like obesity, arthritis and other health problems. But I am not saying that man should completely turn from machine power to man power. He should have a balance of both. Even I can't think of life without a car,computer and a cooler.


Humans only created the machines. So, human power is greater than machine power. To do the things fastly we created machines.But machines cannot think.That thinking power beats the machine power.


But without human there is no value of any machine. If some one wants to utilize his machine perfectly then one must have expert lador or man power.


Hi to all, my opinion is human power is powerful than machine power. Because humanbeings only created the machines. The human brain works more compared to machines.


I think human power is better than machine power coz even if we travel on foot to near places the money will not be wasted and we can get exercise.


Hi to all... In my opinion human power is the best becaue machine can't work properly without the help of humans and one more thing all machines are created by human thats why human power is greater than machine power.


I would like to say machines are simply greatest creations of man. But man who creates machines is liable to do mistakes whereas machines do not. Perfection is what is demanded today...which can be achieved only by machines and not man.


Humans created the machines. So humans are great. But we all should remember that technology is our friend as well as our enemy and machines are product of technology.


Power is the rate at which work is done or energy is transmitted. There are many areas in which Humans are superior to Machines, while in others, it is vice versa. Superiority of Humans over Machines. 1) Man as creator- We developed machines. It is a fact that the creator is always superior to the creation since he has the power to make it or destroy it. 2) Man has brains- Human beings have the greatest strength anybody can ever possess and that is the power to think logically and rationally. Machines have a borrowed intellect. They solely work on our command. They cannot think themselves. If left unattended, they can get rusted and destroyed. 3) Power to reproduce- Humans have the power to replicate. They can produce new individuals who can carry the legacy of the family from one generation to another. Machines can never produce similar copies of themselves. It is in the hands of the creator to make replica's of a machine or destroy it completely. 4) Increase Knowledge- Human beings learn through experiences or books. This makes them wiser and helps grow, both physically and mentally. Machines lack this power. They rely on the information fed into their system and cannot increase it, unless we feed more of it. They do not learn, but do only what we ask from them. Superiority of Machines over Humans. 1)Machines have made us dependent on them. Today we cannot work without computers, cars, refrigerators etc. Computers have advanced to the extent that they have the capability to beat a human in board games like chess. Robots are being made to help a loner perform tasks that cannot be done alone. People prefer to keep machines at home as servants because, firstly, they do not ask for salary and secondly, do exactly want they are asked to do. 2) The brains of a few people are involved in developing the machine, while the others become dull and uncreative. People loose the power to think or remember, e.g. when cell phone were not in use, people atleast took pains for remembering the phone number of individuals who were important to them. Today we just have to feed in the number and forget, infact, many don't even try to remember their own number. As somebody has rightly said that technology is good, but dependence on it is not. As of today, Human power is definitely more than machines, but the way we are developing machines, the day is not far when they will control us instead of the opposite. That reminds me of the film, I - ROBOT.


humans have better mind power


In my views, human power is better than the machine power because it is the human only who made the machines due to his mind power. Machines can't survive without fuel but humans can survive without it's fuel(Water,food etc.) for many days. That's why human power is greater than the machine power.


Human power is better than machine power because due to man machines survive. But machines are also important for us because all the progress of our life depends on machines.


Human power is better than machines because machines can do only some work.


Human power is more greater than machine power.


We are better than machines any day.

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