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Today's Education System
As present day responsible citizens (as we should be) and future years' successful leaders (as we wish to be), let us have a serious discussion and an effective interaction on the prevailing Education System that is followed in India (of its advantages & disadvantages), aiming to improve or even reconstruct the system to lead the country to a better future.
Started on  1-Nov-2002  By  sangeetharaghavendran   E-mail :

In today's world, studies is a biggest competition in the world.


In today's world, education is not what it is supposed to be. Education is preparing a person to face everyday life. I don't know how you become ready to face life by learning about Antarctica, its natural resources and land features. If you notice, half of what we learn in school, isn't needed at all. Education today...doesn't prepare one for the normal problems faced by a person in life...although, I'm not saying that they don't prepare you for life in schools. So our education system has to change fully, and only teach what is necessary


Today's education system in India is challenging but needs some changes.


Today's education produces only money making machines. The moral values are getting eroded. Social fabric is getting weakened. We are imparting theoretical knowledge based education. We have to make the children more aware on socialness. Even the information being given is very much non uniform in all the states. The syllabus of all the states have to be made more uniform so that everyone in India gets equal opportunity in everything.


I think that life without education is a waste. It is worthless, in today's world. made more uniform so that everyone in India gets equal opportunity in everything.


While considering school education, they are simply mugging the answers and producing the same in their exams. It should not be so. Education must make the student THINK. It must make them invent new ideas and not reinvent the same wheel.


The education system in India puts more emphasis on the theoretical knowledge than the practical. A student from the very beginning of their of education are forced to mug up the things rather than to have free thoughts. In the higher studies as well the condition is the same. So more stress should be on the rational or practical knowledge that can be used when required.


The sentiments that everyone is expressing are quite reasonable. The system puts too much stress on "muggu" style of studying. But I dont agree with this that u must study only things that are going to be useful in life later on. U need to know about the world around you.And so u need to study about the world if not in great details at least in brief.


The system is there just to keep students occupied, nowadays, you rarely learn new skills


I agree with the above opinions about today's education.


Today's systems rely on memorising and copying in the answer paper. Those students should be severely punished.




Cut off lists for admissions to good Colleges are reaching as high as 96%. Education authorities are seeing what extent we can go. They are expecting us to go for 101% or even higher. Certainly there is need for change


I think that we should first look over the main aim of education before giving any verdict on this topic. As I take it, the education is meant to serve many purposes .. 1) It should enable the student to look the world in a different perspective than just living in it. 2) He should come to know that what he is meant for and work towards it directing his efforts in such a manner that it culminates to upliftment of the society. 3) He should prepare himself for the daunting task which lies just in front of him. I dont think that anything which does not help him in this should ever be taught in the school. The introduction of games definitely adds to a personality.


Today's education system is very good


Today's education system is in the hand of government. So when government changes books every time development process of student is changed. Actual education meaning is "education means to draw out virtue". Education must be life oriented not a bread or money oriented. Today all educated & moneymaker people wants to give their student best education for that they go to big school but they never check teacher who gives education to student.


In this present day system of "modern" education more emphasis is given on the performance of a student in one sitting rather than his performance throughout the year. Maybe we all should take a hint from Wordsworth's poem "tables turned"


As present day responsible citizens (as we should be) and future years' successful leaders (as we wish to be), let us have a serious discussion and an effective interaction on the prevailing Education System that is followed in India (of its advantages & disadvantages), aiming to improve or even reconstruct the system


We believe that modern Education System is very efficient. A child is sent to school only at the age of four where his teachers give him moral education. Moral education is all about making a human being understand what type of conduct is best for him & for the society.


I think that there should not be quota for anyone in India. By giving reservation seats in every field, our state is not doing justice. WHAT ABOUT THE ONES WHO DONT HAVE QUOTA ?Everyone should be given equal opportunity to prove thmselves (espcially those who enjoy reservations).If they have brains, let them fight for getting admission in a good college.


I fully agree with your opinions. Actually I have to give a presentation on this topic and your analysis will help me very much. I want to thank you a lot.


Hi! everybody, Really it was a nice experience to me to read the information given above regarding the disadvantages of our present educational system. I think that the people have said it already that our present educational system is not upto the expectation. Yes, I agree with that . I really congrulate the above people who really made efforts to give information about "how to improve the educational system in our country". I think that these ideas of students must be taken into account in front of the eyes of our president or government body who can improve our educational system.


Educational system in India that too higher education is too poor where students are given importance on theories nor practicals, so they lack the actual knowledge.


This information regarding "Present Education Sytem" has immensely helped me while preparing myself for elocution competition on the same topic. I do agree that the present education system in India is providing mere "information" rather than "inner-formation". Our Government should take more steps towards this direction.


Today's education system should be fully involving with information technology


Hi it was really a very nice discussion.


I do not agree with the opinion of discontinuing reservation for the downtrodden. One should not forget that they are not given any opportunity to compete due to their socio-economic backwardness. The present edu. system should also include social service activities compulsorily in the curricula.


Todays edu. system is not in proper way. Today we give more importance on theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. We are simply mugging the answers and copying on answer sheet. My opinion is it is wrong and we give more importance on practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Reservations do not help us to develop our ED SYSTEM. SO reservations ust be removed. Then only talented persons will get opportunity to study higher EDUCATION.


I really agree with what all is written and I have to thank you because this journal has helped me a lot


Education is a burden


I agree with all of you and today's education system should be changed and each and every person living in our country should be learned.


Yes I agree to a certain extent with the views posted on the site. But again we cannot completely criticize the whole system by saying that it doesn't provide any practical knowledge. I mean from whatever I have learnt in my school days in history and geography especially about our own country still remains with me. Yes there are certain areas which are inconsequential but I believe that whatever learnt may it be applicable or non applicable is of use at some point of time or the other. It should be changed with respect to the selection criteria for higher courses and education.


I think it is also true that even though the world as a whole is passing through "knowledge revolution" the four key principles- access, equity, accountability and quality- which have been good old cardinal elements in the development of higher education continue to be guiding principles, even today, while planning for higher education for the 21st century.


I agree with all those who say that our system lays more stress on theoretical knowledge. Even in my practical exams hardly anyone had actually done the experiment,the students were busy in producing it on the paper. Secondly,there are many subjects that I consider to be useless like history, drawing, arts&craft, sanskrit etc.all these should be made optional. The things that are taught in history are exhausting. Russian revolution,blah! Not even a single russian would know when India got her independence. These things need to be changed.


Reservation is reducing the opportunities of cream students of India and by doing this - is our government doing justice?


Todays education system has to be changed. The system has to be changed according to the age groups of students. The primary students are given very much burden in many cities. They are over burdened. The education should give them the proper course structure which should be a must in all schools.


Yes I believe that we need to bring about a lot of changes in our education system. To start off we should look at the syllabus in primary schools. A toddler who is in LKG is expected to write an entrance test to get admission into a school - is it not ridiculous or should I say how sensible is it ! Another example is a UKG child made to learn multiplication tables - does this child know where he is going to use this. I strongly believe that if one learns a subject with a purpose and knows where to apply it practically he will definitely learn it with great interest. Hence I strongly endorse the idea of practical learning and suggest that it should be introduced in schools right from the beginning.


Hi everyone. I must thank everyone for their material. It has helped me a lot for my debate. I am 13 yrs old.


Education is not the amount of information that it is put into your brain and remains there undigested all your life .We must have life-building ,man-making ,character, assimilating fine ideas and making them your life and character goes a proverb. I think it is necessary to educate one other.


Education helps us to live in this world, to understand it. The older we get, the more simplified everything looks to us. Education should be provided in connection with world around us. Classrooms should act as a medium of interaction between two generations with knowledge and experience being passed over to the next generation so our thinking increases with time. Being practical and relating everything learnt in the classroom with day to day experiences by the students is the requisite of an education system which today in India it is lacking.


Indian education system is very backward . English is a local language of the world and every body should get it but in India all the people are forgeting the Indian culture and giving more time to western we have to learn english.


I would like to add the point that co-education is better than seperate institution. When boys & girls are educated in seperate institutions,they have different mindsets than from boys & girls syudying in same institution. When men & women study together,they learn to enjoy rights & responsibilities.


Wow thanx a lot to all of you. All this information has helpd me a lot in my debate. I totally agree that the present education system must be changed . Today we are taught with respect to theforthcoming exams and not our life. Education is not only information, but it also the development and implementation of our skills and character. all of us no dat character n not education counts at d crucial moment. 2day edu must b based on our character buildin n not just theory of wat at times is not even necessary 2 no until uno where, how, whn, n y 2 use dam in our lives


Today's education system in INDIA is just like a bird without a wing or a man without a brain. It provides experience in the theoretical part of our life but not in the practical part. India is a developing country and that it why it has to keep pace with the new world. The education system just provides the qualifications but not the practical experiences. The students just mug up the answers and pour it down on the answer sheets. They don't have to think. In other words,the education system is just feeding with golden spoons and thus in their later lives,they cannot produce whatis needed by our country. The interactions between the teacher and the students are also less. The students are not allowed to choose their favourite to study. Every subject is made necessary for the students till 9th class. The education system needs to undergo drastic changes to produce ASSETS for the country.


Education is the all round development of an individual.But the present education system of India has not been adequate for this task. The teacher student relationship is deteriorating. Life is becoming more and more mechanical day by day.In this NUCLEAR AGE & NUCLEAR FAMILY SYSTEM many sweet homes have turned into sour houses. Something needs to be done at the earliest as possible, otherwise all our expectations about our children would become a waste.


Hi, You are having good contents on your site. So I appreciate you for doing this job. Keep it up and also inform me on current new issues. Thankyou.


The education system of INDIA is academic oriented and marks dependent. Hence it is unable to recognize the real talent of the individual and nourishing it for the betterment of the country. This is leading to the brain drain as foreign countries respect and value the true and distinctive talent of the individual. Hence there is a need of serious reforms in the education system so that the human capital of India which is the country's biggest asset can be preserved and conserved.


What strategies should be followed by India in order to improve current level of education?


Hi Friends thanks to all I got so many information from your site. I agree with your all opinion, today's education system want to change because in our country in class & colleges only theory knowledge is given. All admissions given by money power so poor who have good marks did not get admission in there choice of branch.


Hi friends, this is a very good discussion on present education system. The present education curriculum is giving more emphasis on "How much a student can memorise the things rather than applying the facts he has learnt". This has to change right from primary education to graduation levels. The system of examinations has to be changed. The government has to reform the education system and it should try to develop all round knowledge in students right from schooling. Education has to serve individual to solve his own problems and problems facing by his or her country or state. Moreover moral values have to be kept high as education serves the society in large.


There is no adjustment between real life & education. Nowadays a student can sketch the charter of many authors but they can't sketch the character of his friends. They have knowledge about the whole world but they do not not know about the chairman of municipal party of his city. At this time in India there are many scholar minds but they have not a proper schema about his future. Our education system is totally based on theory knowledge and not on real life.


Hi its really nice to have such discussions when we youth of india are there to think over. The education system in our country is really to be innovated, starting from villages or primary schools run by government where afternoon meal is free for students.


Education brings out the best from the children. It changes our persanility ,way of talking. Nowadays student study only for marks not for knowledge. Thats why India is still a developing country and not a developed country.


Education is the most fundamental factor of one’s social and economic success in life. If children are to prosper in this global community, they need an education that will prepare them well for this undertaking. Using a three-stage learning process that begins with primary schooling and spans through post-secondary education, future generations could learn all they need to know to succeed. This process begins by establishing cultural literacy—gaining knowledge of one’s own culture and history, which will serve as a basis for all learning.


Hi friends, I agreed with all of your opinions on today's education system. Though there are drawbacks in our education system but education helps us to mould ourselves in different ways. Learning in school makes us to know how to mingle in the society and interact with different people. Not only this it helps in our career growth. Whatever we learn it helps in the future but the government should help the people who are talented but financially backward by this our education system in India will develop.


I appreciate all who really gave nice suggetions. Even I support them when all the developed countries are running with the practical system of education even we should opt for that to develop our country and there should not be any political involvement in education system. There should not be any reserve quota. Everything should be performace based.


Excellent points sir


This all is just amazing. Money-making is growing rapidly in all institutions. Taking bribes and offering seats has become so common in this world. Offering money will give a student admission in any college that person likes but what about the peopl those who don't have money? What will they do? They don't have any option but continue with which college they have. There must be a way to improve the system of education. Every person should be given equal rights.


I think marks system should be ceased and grading system should be implemented. This will reduce the psychological stress from the students and the jobs must be provided purely on the basis of practical knowledge.


I think that you all have done a good job. This thing which you have written is fantastic. Very good, outstanding and keep it up.


Yes, I agree with co-education because when girls and boys study with together they understand each other. Boys do respect girls.


Education system should be improved.


I agree with all the points mentioned and there should be changes in the modern education. I agree with the co-education. The syallubus is vast and the students have a lot of burden. Students do not get time for recreation. All of you have done a good job.




Today's education system in india is purely on money basis.


Hello friends! I agree with most of the points mentioned above. But we cannot say that the whole education system at present is a mere waste.Today's education system provides us with a little practical knowledge and more theoretical. It is a stress for the students. I think if this state continues students may lose their thinking capacity and depend upon others for every matters. So government should take right steps to give a valueable education. All your analysis are excellent.


Faboulous . Keep on going. The points were very good.


I am really happy because I have gone through this topic.I agree with u all. Almost everything is there.But let me tell u that this is only education which made u able to give ur opinion. Think, if u didn't go to school, could u criticize ur education system? Yes, our education system needs a change but its not totally useless.


I am really happy because I have gone through this topic. It is really good. But let me tell you one thing that, it is only education which made you able to talk about current isues like EDUCATION SYSTEM. Think, if you haven't gone to school, could you give your opinion or could you criticize our education system. NO. Yes our education system needs a change but it is not totally useless.


Hi friends. This concept is very super. I agree with all points.


Thanks to all my friends for giving valuable points...these points have helped me for the presentations..our system definitely needs a change and reservations should be given to people on the financial status of the family not merely on caste...thanks a lot my dear buddies.




I think that toay's modern education is the best because it gives us variety of modern techniques for studying.


I agreed with my frnd"s thoughts bt v shud nt 4get that inspite of good education students r nt showing keen intrest in stds so its nt only the fault of education system bt family n surounding atmosphere too since childhood v all hav 2 put eforts 4 proper building up n 2 make them a good human."GENTLE MEN"THANKS


Our education system has been more on value base . But due to course of time our education system is losing learning enivironment because earlier teacher were ideal and dedicated. But now a days pupils are more on learning by doing is the basic principle rather there is no ethics and principles.


I think today's modern education is sufficient for our career.


Ya ,it is true that our education system is totally theoratical and we have to perform in exam only by mugging the whole topic but if we understand that topic than it need not be mug up and u can perform well in exam. so problem is in ours not in our education system. If you understand properly whatever you read than you give your best performance. It must have some changes but it only depends on you.


Yes.I agree with all opinion that todays education system needs to change in such way that everyone should go in the field of their interest.So that everyone enjoys their work fully. So work should not be burden at all but enjoyable.


I think that education should be made more practical.


Today's education must be changed because it contains all the things which are not necessary.






Education is compulsory for development.


Reading over the statements provided so far I've become excited over the idea that so much similar enthusiasm and desires for reform in education is in so many people around the world. Where one country desires such reform, I say that it is the same in another. There is one fundamental change that I notice, early development. Early development is the foundation on which all higher educational pursuits must rely upon. How the mind takes in information and retains it; this can be fully strengthened to unimaginable levels before a child is 6, adaptability to changing circumstance; Vijay Swarup has the right idea, a lab environment should be the next step that all educational pursuits should take. Environments that enable students to learn how to analys and adapt their thinking structures appropriately, to utilize creativity and spontaneity in a controlled enviroment. And most of all, to have younger flexible minds to be already able or actually fully competent in a field of study before exiting high school. If this were to be pursued, there would be more breakthroughs in many fields and with younger, flexible, creative minds being in the higher fields along with their innate youthful creativity, we would see many exciting changes. (of course with errors every-now-and-then) A new form of education must be pursued, the teaching field must be flooded with many many teachers. In fact their should be an exclusive teacher for every five or so children. The teachers curriculum should be up to the teacher who would know her students best instead of a standardized syllabus.


Great Guys!! I am also in favour of remodelling our education system. I agree with the point of memorising the things only when its practical utility is known to us. Well said in the example of memorising tables in UKG standard without knowing where these tables are used. I disagree with some of the points "studyng compulsory subjects till 9th standard". The mindset of 9th standard teen is not transparent to judge in which field he/she should carry his future. Its the age of learing and analysing things not of making random decisions. Also, some of you said that its all in onself how he/she want the things to look upon i.e. education can be self learned. I agree to this point upto some extent. Having good teachers, better studying environment provides a platform of enthusiam and interest to know things. I want to emphasize on girls education-" A boy can educate only one family but a girl can educate two families". I want to suggest we the people can contribute a lot in rural education. We all are from good schools, colleges or organisations. So, We can initiate a program at our institue levels to go to nearby rural or slum areas on sundays just for an hour and teach the needy. Only criticism to something is not the solution to any problem, its we, who are the real contributors. SO LETS JOIN HANDS. Remember one flower makes no garland.






Education is not only taken, it is forwardrd to another.


yes. Education system is really very good.




I agree with you. Education is very important in humanlife.








I trully agree with each one of you.but there's only one thought haunting my mind is that the introducing of reservations. Basically in a secular country like that of our India this reservation system is weakening the inner strength of study bugs from forward castes or not coming under reservation criteria.


The full discusion was excellent.Our education system in india is very poor so it should b really changed


Thank you everybody for the information. It helped me lot in my project about 'THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN INDIA'


Thought is very good. Because in today's world education is must & competetive.


I m fully appreciated the above discussion. I think that the "System of Education" should be changed. Education is must in today's time,because without knowledge we doesn't anywhere.So, we have to develop our mind according to today's requirements.


The quality of education lies on three things viz. medium of learnig, methodoloy of education and quality of syllabus. On the one side, there is a lot of disscussions and shoutings on the demand for changing mainly the syllabus as an ultimate solution for improving the quality of indian educational system, on the other side there is a total neglection of even initiating a talk on looking at mother tongue as the medium of education. Also there is alarming silence on revamping our eductional system in the context of our local needs. Countries, that are very much appreciated and upheld for its achievements in the fields of education and scientific inventions and innovations, have only their mother tongue as the medium of education. Starting from Europeon Countries to eastern Asia of Japan they have their mother tonque as medium of eduction. Let us learn as many lanuages as possible including English but the medium should be the mother tongue. Unless and until our childern are permitted to raise their quetions on what they are learnig, it is very difficult to have a change as we wish in our system of education.


this discussion is superb.according to me,this discussion is also one way of sharing ideas.people get a lot to know from the way thanx to all of you because it helped me to prepare for the debate.


This is really good information.




I would like to thank everyone for their valuable opinions. Accordingly the education system in India was designed to be best ever possible., but due to lack of proper implementation it is now becoming very misleading. I believe that apart from inculcating theoretical skills we should encourage the students to find out real life examples which satisfy the theoretical base. The should themselves be able to generate questions and curiosities of their own rather than just mugging up predecided answers. At the same time it is completely unfair to say that theory base is not at all needed as theoretical knowledge is the main foundation on the basis of which students are able to ponder new thoughts and ideas.


Thanks to all of you. You all really helped me to prepare for my debate. This modern education system not only in our India but all over the world lacks many things and the government must work on those things before it gets too late.


we need to form globaly recognised universities.


Really the above points have really helped me to prepare for my debate and has made me really aware of the drawbacks of the present education system. thanx a lot.


hi thanks a lot for this discussion. It helped me.


I agree with all of my friends points.Today's education needs more practical than the theory. And also the teachers must support for that. Most of the staffs are just look what students are doing rather than how they are doing. This situation has to be changed and students must be encouraged in a right way.


The education is restricted to marks,ranks and jobs no parent and no teacher and even no student also don't know even what is study what was the purpose of it. Education means only for job only for getting degree.


I think the present Education System of our country is Greatly affected by the Prevailing Caste System. This institution of caste as said by our Constitution Makers is anti-national & Responsible for all the miseries our Country is Facing Today.


We have to go beyond just the NCERT we’ve been studying. We need to go deep into the subject and actually put it into a practical use to understand its real importance. There is no point of mugging it all up if it just has to be vomited onto a sheet of paper. A student should have freedom of thought, but with so much to learn he is just trapped in the walls of alpha, beta and gamma. A good atmosphere can only be created if more emphasis is laid on practicals than just the theoretical knowledge.


I have some thoughts about the problem of our present educational system and its possible solution. It will be very nice for me if anybody makes some constructive criticisms. Today a student has to obtain an undergraduate degree on any subject (be it physics or philosophy) to appear in competitive exams leading to govt or non-govt jobs. (I am not talking about engineering, medical or any professional courses.) But is it necessary to know any physics or philosophy to become an govt officer or bank employee? His total learning in college just gets forgotten with time and the only symbol of his education left is his college certificates. So what is the point in studying in college for such students? This is the problem I proposed to introduce. Now I give the solution I have thought. I think only those students should go to college to study such scholarly subjects like physics or philosophy (or anything like these) who want to do further study and research on the subject. Those just seeking a job need not study these subjects. Otherwise there should be a nationwide entrance test after standard twelve for these students. Those who will succeed in that test will be admitted to a new course that will teach them just what they need to do a govt or non-govt job. This course may comprise of arithmetic, general English, accountancy, Indian administrative system etc. After completing this course they will directly be absorbed in govt or private sectors.


I have some thoughts about the problem of our present educational system and its possible solution. It will be very nice for me if anybody makes some constructive criticisms. Today a student has to obtain an undergraduate degree on any subject (be it physics or philosophy) to appear in competitive exams leading to govt or non-govt jobs. (I am not talking about engineering, medical or any professional courses.) But is it necessary to know any physics or philosophy to become an govt officer or bank employee? His total learning in college just gets forgotten with time and the only symbol of his education left is his college certificates. So what is the point in studying in college for such students? This is the problem I proposed to introduce. Now I give the solution I have thought. I think only those students should go to college to study such scholarly subjects like physics or philosophy (or anything like these) who want to do further study and research on the subject. Those just seeking a job need not study these subjects. Otherwise there should be a nationwide entrance test after standard twelve for these students. Those who will succeed in that test will be admitted to a new course that will teach them just what they need to do a govt or non-govt job. This course may comprise of arithmetic, general English, accountancy, Indian administrative system etc. After completing this course they will directly be absorbed in govt or private sectors.


I really liked all your views. It helped to have a debate on present education system in INDIA.


All points given are true. But I support the Indian Education systen because it opens doors to all fields and in college we get a clear picture of our strong subjects. As for mugging up it depends on the persons mentality. I strongly believe that mugging up is not the right way of studying. I really like this site.


Very good collection. I agree with every one's views. Mostly the reservation system must be changed according to the present situation. And ofcourse, the subject must be more practical. One more thing I want to add is that, we people moslty believe our eyes rather than our ears. My view is that if most of the subjects can be shown as presentations which can make the student understand even better than teaching so that it makes us remember for a life time.


Thank you very much. This helped me in my school debate.


Education should be a little more value oriented than career oriented.


Our educational system though modified reaches only few people!


Today's educational system is multiplying our possesion but reducing our moral values. Hence we need to pay more heed towards the values being taught in school.


In my opinion today's education system is most perfect one. I also thank for the given information.


I think Education needs a drastic change.


I really think that our education system needs ample of changes.


I agree with all those people who say that our educational system needs to be improved. I strongly recommend to the education department that whatever we are studying should have more of practical application rather than theoretical part. Those pursuing professional studies have to literally suffer at the hands of their universities or institutes only because is that for the want of the degree or certificate one has to study hrs & hrs, completely sunked into their books.


Today's education system requires a lot of changes.


I totally agree that education system needs a drastic change. Subjects like carpentry, metal working, rifle shooting, laboratory techniques, craft engineering, jewellery designing should be included in our curriculum so that when a student steps out of the school he learns to earn his living in an honest way.


Our education system must be more practical oriented. The teaching staff should be selected on their talent and not because of bribe, reference, caste. Education system must be qualitative and economical.


I think education system is correct upto twelth standard because after 12th, we can choose the stream in which we have more interest or which we want. But higher education system should be improved.


I really thank you all for your great idea. I do agree with all of you that the level of the education of our country has to be increased


I think todays education system is beneficial for us, it gives the knowledge about every topic. The education has also become competitive.


Today's education system is fairly good but needs changes. Nowadays, children do not know basic life skills because the teachers only know how to teach SUBJECTS! No basic skills are taught. I am a student myself and I know how tough school becomes without extra curricular activities or field trips. Although they've started improving now, to much of my surprise.


Really guys it's fantastic! I really agree with you that our education system needs to be changed.Its only money making. One wants to become an engineer but how? There is no practical knowledge given. Teachers care for only completing syllabus. Oh... What is the benefit for us?


We have a very good and prestigious education system in india. But i feel some deficiencies are there. Now a days meaning of education has changed, according to swami vivekanand education makes you man instead of just being a homosapience. It builds your character. It gives you moral values. It teaches you the way of living life.


I agree with you all.


Today's education system lacks providing awareness towards social commitment and proper inputs in this direction and the work culture are absent.

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  Should images depicting grief be banned from all News Media? Question by Rija Intikhab
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