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Should Homework be abolished?
Is it really a burden for our students or Is it the first step towards teaching them how to handle responsibilities?
Started on  11-Jan-2010  By  Sanya   E-mail :

Homework should be abolished as it is an extra burden for students. children can not give their full attention to their studies as they are loaded with so much of homework. Homework should be abolished as it is just an extra burden for students.


Homework teaches a child to have time for study at home. As we can see, a lot of children today spend their time watching cartoons or their favorite tv show. This constant interaction with televisiom makes them lazy in doing other activities such as helping their mothers in household chores and especially their homeworks. In other words, children indulge themselves in other unnecessary activities that they forget to do their responsibilities. By having homework, they are reminded to focus on the most important activity - learning.


It is a great way of making them responsible & by h.w they can understand the work which they have done in their class.


I think homework should be totally abolished.

MOHAN shouldn't. Rather educational institutions should reduce this homework that will help both students as well as the institution.


Homework Should not be abolished because it is a medium of our students to understand the responsibilities and become more hardworker and punctual in life.


In my point of view, homework should not be abolished but the point is most of the students feel it as a burden and can't indulge themselves in other activities other than school but at the same time Homework helps you to polish your skills and knowledge related to what you are working on. Therefore I would conclude that homework should be minimized rather than to abolishing it.


No. Homework shouldn't be abolished as we can refresh what we have learnt in class rather than studying one last time before the exams. Homeworks should be minimised but definitely not be abolished!


No. Homework should not be abolished as we can refresh what we have learnt in class rather than studying one last time before the exams. Homework should be minimised but definitely not be abolished!


I think homework should not be abolished. If we do our homework regularly then it will become a way of revising our daily lessons. Thus the burden before the exams will be reduced.


No I do not think home work should be abolished because homework helps students recall whatever they have studied. But it should not be given on a large scale.


Not totally. But obviously, homework should be lessened to reduce the burden on the students.


For parents, perhaps you have NO IDEA of what is homework. From my own, I know that parents always think homework is not much, students should study hard, and that this is not much at all compared to real work in adult life. Well, easier said than done, TRY IT YOURSELF. You will give up in 10 days. some homework in primary school may be completed in 5 minutes, but in secondary school, the work is JUST TOO MUCH.


I think home work shold not be abolished but excess of homework should not be given.


Homework should never be abolished, but the quantity of work should not be more.Children will hardly sit to study if there is no homework. They should be told to read a chapter or learn the answers as such.


Its a very good mean of practicing a question.I agree its a burden on students but a good way.


I think homework should be abolished especially for the writing part. It gives too much burden to the students.


I think home work improves the skills of the students but teachers have to make their home work interesting.


No I don't think so. It makes easy to remember everything at the end of the day. But less of it should be given.


Homework is a pain. but it does help us when we need to catch up on missed work or work that we didn't understand. It also gives practice for future coursework.


Yes it should be abolished.


Yes, it should be banned because children are not able to concentrate on their studies and because of this the number of students failing have increased.


Homework is important for students so that they can learn regularly.


I think homework should be totally abolished and students should be provided with some practical work so that they can get some practical knowledge instead of just reading books.


Yes, there should be no homework so that the students can concentrate more at home what they have been taught in the school and without fear would be enthusiastic for the next that would be taught in the school instead of being absent due to not completion of homework.


Homework shouldn't be abolished but it should be reduced to that an extent that a student can get time to understand the topic.


No. Homeworks should be given. When we try our homeworks ourselves, we get to know where we stand and what are the areas we are not strong,so that we could clarify them the next day. I think homeworks should be given but, yeah, only to the extent the student could do on that day.


I fully agree with Vijay. Quality does matter instead of quantity of home-work. So it should be given according to the capability of the student.


Yeah! Homework should not be given so that we can spend our time studying for tests and exams. Abolishing will give us an extra time for studies.


I agree with you J.LALITA.


Homework shouldn't be abolished completely. But,it should be slightly reduced. Teachers should be aware of the quantity of homework,they give us daily,so that we can also study other books and spend sometime in other curricular activities.


Ya,it should be abolished.


I think homework should be and should not be also abolished .


Homework is important but should be slightly decreased.


Should be given to some extent.


According to me, it should be abolised because a student is not a machine to study whole day. He/She must have their own wills. He/she wants to spend his/her time with their family or do want they like.


Nowadays, students can not indulge in any activities other than those included in their school syllabus. School takes up half of the day, while the other half is wasted on homework. Students can only take a short nap after their school, and then start completing their homework. Homework is done when it's nearly time for bed, and Mom starts telling them to go to sleep. Weekends, instead of bringing fun, bring a diary full of test schedules, and a sleepless night plus a tense day. Thus, homework is more of a burden than any help to the students. Keeping this in mind, anyone can come to the conclusion that homework should be abolished. To compensate the loss, school hours can be increased. It may also help if only four or five periods are held in class, so that students can understand and memorize the lesson then and there. In this way, students can spend appropriate time on study, and the remaining time on other healthy activities like Sports, Reading, and Writing etc.


yes homework should be abolished



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