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Board exams
Board exams are really needed to test a child's capacity. But the portion is too huge. The teachers most of the time rush with the portion, hardly caring if the students understood the topic well. So I think that the board portion should be lessened if the we want healthy competition between the kids.
Started on  31-May-2007  By  Rohit   E-mail :

Ya, absolutly!! It's really a huge tension !! And this year the state board course has been made much more difficult but it even cements our base and makes us study resistant!!!!!


Yes. I truly agree with you Rohit. The portion is too huge and a lot of pressure is being created upon the students by the parents and most of the portion is not meant for our practical and everyday life. For example: History, it has no use in today's practical life yet its portion is too vast. I hope the education minister understands that students are taking drastic steps like suicide due to this.


Well if you want a healthy competition, you must cope up with whatever's given to u. But if you don't want to compete do not complain. Everything's easy if you forget the pressure on you coming from all sides just concentrate & do ur best. Forget about the rest. Hey I am also in tenth. But I believe that everything'll be fine if you start daily from today itself. No I am not asking you to sit down & study till 4 in the morning.


Yes though board exams are important, the stress is too much. Many children commit suicide because of stress factor.


The Main aim of conducting exams is, to make the children study and this also teaches them to work hard and not only that it is very beneficial in giving the child's future a better path, but as they say everthing in the world has pros and cons!! Even exams are somtimes a little harsh for children who take the word 'exam' for granted and when they are unsuccesful, in parent scare and peer presure, they intend to harm themselves. So as far as I am concerned I think exams are neither good nor bad, it is how the student intends to take it. Somtimes as you all said the portions that are not taught are included in the exams, but the only solution for this is that the children should learn to do self study and not totally depend on teachers and parents.


Very good website


I am in 10th but one should not commit suicide because board exams are just held to mentally prepare the students for furture and persons who even think to commit suicide are just helples and they are not worthy to face the difficulties of life.


I don't think that the portion for board exams is vast. I have just given my boards and I can say that they were just like any other exams. And as far the portion is concerned, why do people have to always take it as a burden and a pressure. If anything is in our course it means we are supposed to know it. It is not just meant for us to mug up. All the problems will be solved if we just take the exams in a positive way.


The examination pattern of boards has its pros and cons as every system has its advantages and disadvantages. The portions of school level as vast and the teacher has to rush to complete the syllabus without caring whether the student has understood or not. The question papers set by boards are too mechanical that they are asking the questions from the book and they do not test the student's actual understanding level. The evaluation staff will be given one key to question paper and they will follow the hardcore key as bible. If the student uses his own understanding in answering the questions he may not get good score and this will reduce the cances of his higher education entrances. So he tries to mug up the things to score as high as possible. So the board has to keep this in mind and serious steps has to be taken to reduce the portions and make students really gain knowledge.


To make board exams a healthy competition it's essential that students understand its need. They are important for the child's future, but some children do not want to excel in academics as they are more talented in something else or maybe they take this very seriously and get stressed out. This reflects on their health. Keeping this in mind I guess they do good to some and bad to others. So why not make it optional for them???


It's easy if you pay attention to them.


I think that board exams should be there because these exams are conducted to check the abilities and the intelligence of the students. These exams also make the students to work hard and show their talents. Also the students can increase their knowledge only if they learn something but if these exams will not be there, they will not be bothered to learn anything and so there will be no competition among the students. And they will never try to do hard work. Some students think that board exams should not be there because of vast portion so I would like to say that if entire book portion will not be there in the exam then what will be the difference between the regular exams and board exams? And it is not so difficult to study this vast portion if you study atleast 4-5 hrs per day.


I guess the pressure of board exams is taking its toll. We have tests,then self study,class tests,homework an the most of all tutions. I have no time for my friends or fun. I have already started feeling streesed. I guess I need a break. But do I have time? NO.


It should be abolished.


I think Board exams are much more like a burden because most of the thngs wich we study are irrelevent. What do we have to do with those surveysheets and all?


I think that exams should be abolished because it gives a lot of stress to us, teens. Why should we waste our precious time by sitting and studying. Well, to me it's VERY BORING. EXAMS MAKE OUR LIFE MISERABLE !


No, exams are not boring and miserable. Thus they are blessing in disguise. It helps to enhance the knowledge and capability of a student. The world is now so competitive and if we reduce the syllabus in class 10th then there will be a huge pressure for us to study in class 11th as well as in 12th. Everybody wants to get a better job and now a matriculate and 12th pass are crying and sitting in their home. So if we can handle the situation right now so we will be able to get benefits in our upcoming life.


It's a nice site for students and youngsters to look at .... by this they could know more about there LIFES.. which can go much easily.


Why to take boards as a burden?? If you start studying from the first day itself, I'm damn sure that you will have no hurdles. But I do agree with the point that irrelevant portions from the course should be abolished (instead of abolishing the exams on whole). Edit parts of History, Civics, Geography. All these are irrelevant and of no use in the future.

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