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Is the internet safe for children?
I think this is a very common topic which I have heard parents talking about and now I want to know what you all think.
Started on  8-Oct-2006  By  Shreya Rao   E-mail :

My response in your topic is joint ,internet is good only for very important matters. For instance: Urgent e-mail something like that. But it's also not good to use internet for long hours.


Hello I am Neha. I am 13 years old and I often go online to chat with my dear friends. I think internet is quite safe for childern. But things are changing day by day. I dont know why my mother asks me to stop chatting and refrains me from using the net. I am surprised by her behaviour. But when I started reading news papers, I came to know about my mother's worry. The internet which is very useful is being misused by many people specially by the teenagers. So,my mother was worried about me. I think yes. Quite true. It is not really safe for childern who are ignorant about such internet related problems. So friends please be careful while using the net.


Before giving my view I would like to bring in notice two things, # "NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PERFACT". # "EXCESS BRINGS MESS". INTERNET ! "International network ,in your home ,in your hands like a Cricket bat". In the present era when life is so fast, everything is computerized. Each second has immense value& internet is the easiest & fastest way to get information, news or to communicate verbally or visually with your mates or different people. Only thing is we should properly guide them about the right things & should give them space to explore like a friend rather keeping an eagle's eye on them. So, it is shear foolishness to deprive our children of this wonderful boon.


First let me tell you any thing which you have in this world has its own merits and demerits. Computer or internet in particular is also one of this category. Children must be made to understand the difference between the good and the bad. If children are made to understand this difference and if they are completely aware of what is good for them then internet can be totally safe for children. So children have to take good things from anything and have to utilise them for their profit and well being.


I think children could safely go on and off the internet. I am a child and my parents trust me on the computer. If the children are all by themselves with a computer then they can go anywhere on the computer which maybe unsafe but if they are in an open room and a parent is there they can't enter any wrong websites. I am in grade five and I use the computer for lots of research and school work.


Yes,it is a very common topic. But I think internet is safe. Only chatting is not safe.


Thanks Namarata,Neha and Snigdha. I have understood what you are trying to say. Namarata you are right ,sitting for long hours is bad because as it can also be harmful to our eyes. And Neha I think chatting is not bad but exploring and going to bad sites may be harmful, but still you are right these teenagers are spoiling not only India but their own self. And as you said Snigdha if you see on the other hand interent is also very useful in getting information etc, but too much is very bad. Anyways thanks for replying .


Well, Internet has become an essential part of our life. We can acquire a lot of knowledge from most of the websites. But at the same time some children get addicted to some game sites or some other bad ones. So, I think the Internet should be used only for e-mails and gaining knowledge. Surfing sites which do not provide these kind of services is useless.


I think it depends upon the children. I am working with internet for 4 years, and according to my experience it is safe for me, but for others, it totally depends on the user.


I think Internet is safe for only some reasons. It's ok to go on the Internet to send e-mails to your friends, get information for a project. For easy things like that. Anything else?? How many people love chatting? I bet millions. I just started high-school, and I'm always on the internet, chatting, sending e-mails, playing on sights! Some sights need you to be registered; maybe it's not so good if you play on a registered account! Many bad things can happen. People can hack into your account, change the password. It's very serious, and before going on the internet, always make sure you play safe! Even if you have to go through a big fight with your parents, I'm a Mediator at my school and I'm always helping people. They appreciate my help, and thatís good. I'm not there to take care of you, I'm only there to HELP. And the least thing someone can do on the internet is Help. When you are on the internet, and chatting with friends, and suddenly your mom comes downstairs to check on you, you close all the conversations and open up a internet page as if you weren't doing anything! I've done that before, And I've learnt from my mistakes!


Nice site! I've enjoyed visiting it. Thanks for your work.


Ya it is very important not only for professionals but also for children.


Ya it is safe for children. Because you get to know mostly everything on net.


I am saying that it is good if we children are not missusing it. We can use internet by keeping a limit.


It depends how you use.


Today internet is mostly used by students than adults. Project works are being submitted by students on reference with and from internet


Yeah it is safe but it is totally depends on the children(net users. So parents should guide them properly.


Internet is as safe and as harmful for kids. The parents should sit beside the chlid when they are surfing the net and guide them. But they should also have faith in their child and give them free time once in a while.


I am 18 yrs old. And I think all the things have both advantages and disadvantages. I think internet is safe for children because they get to learn more things from it like searching information,chatting,sending e mail etc. They also play games, download many items but side by side it also has disadvantages like some children who always use internet sometimes even misuse it.


Internet is safe when children use it in a proper way and don't misuse it by going to strange,unknown sites.



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