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Playing with your friends in the evening and on holidays is great fun, till one person spoils it all by fighting or sulking or refusing to play. What is sportsmanship all about?

1. Donít try to win a game by cheating. This is the worst thing you can do.
2. Wait your turn patiently. Donít fume and fret if your partner is taking more time.
3. If you lose, take it in the right spirit. Donít stomp off, saying that you donít want to play!
4. Cheer the person who wins a game with all your heart. Donít be envious.
5. If you donít win, accept it. Donít start a squabble or assert that you have actually won.
6. If your friend cheats, tell him he is doing wrong, but do it without shouting and shoving.
7. Never use physical violence to get your way in a game. Donít deliberately aim the ball at vital body parts like the eyes or head. No pushing or kicking!
8. Thereís no loss of pride in asking a friend how to play better.
9. Try not to exclude anyone from the game, just because you donít like the person or donít know him. The more, the merrier!

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