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Eating out can be a delightful experience but if youíre going to a classy restaurant or a 5-star hotel, donít get caught on the wrong foot, or with a wrong fork!
Answer these questions to find out if your 5-star table manners are sound.
1. You are invited to a formal meal. How will you dress up?
a. Wear casual clothes like jeans
b. Wear something formal

2.When you enter the restaurant,
a. You go right in and find your way through
b. Wait for the maitre dí/hostess to escort you to your table

3. If you are wearing a sweater and you wish to remove it,what would you do?
a. Keep it on the table next to your plate
b. Drape it on the back of your chair

4. What will you do with the napkin on the table? Will you
a. Tuck it under your chin
b. Spread it on the lap

5. You are given the menu. Will you
a. Give your order directly
b. Wait for the host to ask you

6. You are served drinks. Will you
a. Gulp your drink down
b. Sip it slowly

7. If your drink has a stirrer with a cherry on top, you eat the cherry, stir your drink and place the stirrer
a. On the table
b. On the side plate

8. You have very little soup left in your bowl. Will you
a. Drink it directly from the bowl
b. Fill the spoon with soup by tilting the bowl away from you and then drink it

9. When you have finished eating, will you
a. Keep the knife, fork, spoon, etc anywhere on the plate
b. Place the cutlery close together perpendicular to the edge of the table or at an angle towards the right

10. What will you do with the napkin once you are through with the meal?

a. Crumple it and place it on your plate
b. Place it on the table

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