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Afore the War
Afore the War
By  -  Cinthya Anand  (IX A)

Huddled in a dark corner, a puny girl lay,
The eye forever shut, her limbs mutilated.
Yet she smiled - she lay not in this world,
But in another, one afore the war.

Papa, ma, brother Jas - like shooting stars they sped past her eyes,
Sigh! How delightful her life had been,
A picture of contentment & affection,
Midst that ecstasy she knew to be family.

And then, the war clouds thundered;
Her brother too, was sent to fight,
How they exulted: their boy! a brave soldier,
Fighting with all valour, for his nation.
Six months later, he was returned,
Ina body-bag...from corporal to corpse.

Two weeks of mourning not over,
Upon their grief was dealt a shocker;
Bomb blast! Oh Heavens;
Bereft of Jas but months ago,
Now her parents - Death bade them too.

Only the girl was left, or what was left for her,
An eye, a limb, a grating trunk,
A writhing face that screamed aghast,
A shrieking soul that gasped for life

How wonderful her life had been; now no life remained
Those beautiful days- another age,
An age before the war
Those days, that world: had they ever been hers?

Against this bleakness, this march to death,
Surely such a life was paradisical, heaven sent?

And yet, when she shrieked one last time,
When the solitary eye joined the numb one,
on her trembling lips hummed a tranquel rhyme
Her heart was back in another time,
In her world of compassion, of care, of joys,
The world she knew, afore the war.

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