Digital Dimdima
Bhavan's Vidyashram  :-  Guntur, AndhraPradesh
By  -  M.V.S.R Reddy & A. Sai Chand  (IX)

Life is like honey bee
Collect Nectar till death.
Life is like an ice-cream
Enjoy it before it melts.
Life is like a flower
Blossom before it dries.
Life is like clothes
Wear it before it is torn
Life is like a bulb
Glow before it fuses.
Life is like tree
Grow before some one cuts
Life is like a black board
Gain knowledge before it is erased.
Life is like a star
Shine before it explodes.
Life is like a home
Give shelter before it is demolished.
Life is like an opportunity
Prove before it ends
Life is like a challenge
Go to it before it goes to someone else.

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