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The Clever Horse
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The Clever Horse
By  -  Dhaval Kothari  (V C)

It was a summer day.
A horse was grazing peacefully on the green grass near a forest with his tail going swish-swish to chase away the flies. Presently a hungry fox came from the forest and stood there watching the horse. "It would be wonderful if I could somehow kill the horse, "he thought. "He will provide me with food for many days. But I can't kill him alone… He's so big! I'll go and get Mr. Wolf to help, and together we can find some way of killing him."
So off he went into the wood to look for the wolf. "Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf," cried the fox when he saw the wolf. "There is a horse grazing near this forest. He's young and plump and will be good to eat. Will you come and help me kill, him? We can both share him between us."
The wolf too was hunting for a meal and was only too glad to hear this. "Very well," he said. "You lead the way and I'll follow."
They soon arrived at the spot where the horse was grazing. The fox went up to the horse and said with a big smile "Good morning, Mr. Horse. We would like to be friends with you. Tell us your name and everything about yourself. We shall then tell you all about ourselves. Thereafter, we can all be good friends".
The horse didn't trust the fox a bit.
He suspected that the fox and the wolf were up to no good. But aloud he said, "How very nice of you to say so, Mr. Fox! So you want to know my name? I had my name scratched out on the sole of my hoof. Would you care to read it? "And with that he lifted up his right leg. The fox was not too keen to put his head under the horse's hoof, so he said, "Er…. My eyesight is a little weak, and I haven't got my spectacles either with me."
"Oh, that's quite okay", said the horse. "Perhaps your friend can read it out to you?"
The wolf didn't know how to read. But he didn't want anybody to find out his weakness. He thought to himself, "I know it for a fact that all horses are known by the name 'Dobbin' I'll pretend to read and say that the name written is Dobbin. That way nobody will ever suspect that I can't read."
So the wolf put his head under the Horse's hoof to read the name. But the Horse was clever. He brought the hoof down hard on the wolf's head and that was the end of the wolf. As for the fox, he was so frightened that he promptly ran away. The Horse used his wits to save his life.

Moral : Outwit your enemy with tact and timely action

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