Digital Dimdima
Naval Public School  :-  Mumbai
By  -  Abhishek Bhattacharyya   (VII C)

A plane hurtles menacingly towards the tower.
As the explosion rips the air,
People stare, horrified

A man on the 104th floor,
Has just struck the first deal of the day-
As an ear-splitting noise rocks the tower,
The man leaps out of his chair-
The face of his child flashes through his mind.
As realization sweeps down on him,
He rushes towards the staircase-
Running down as fast he can.
As the building caves in on him,
He opens his arms wide,
As if to hug his son.

At home in New Jersey,
An eight-year-old boy is still waiting…
A lady on the West Bank is still waiting for her missing fiancée;
A Kashmiri mother is still waiting for her missing son.
The list goes on…

Life is too valuable to be taken away for any cause,
However noble.
An eye for an eye leaves the world blind…

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