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Futility of War

Everyone is fighting
The results are frightening.
Everyday people are dying,
And their friends are crying.
Happiness has slept, no hope is left.
Blood is spilled everywhere,
The world is full of despair.
Itís warís magical spell,
Which has made life a hell.
Stop it! Give an end, to this useless spend.
And make way for new trends,
Of joining hands and making friends.
Because war can give us nothing but tears,
And a lot of fears.
It can only produce melancholy,
And make us weep profusely.
It is a deluge of sorrow,
Which can darken our bright tomorrow.
It can only make someone gloomy and doleful,
And make oneís life painful.
Thatís why I say,
Stop it! Give an end, to this useless spend.
As war is awful,
And makes life sorrowful.

Aishwarya Gupta
Essar International School
10th B

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keerthana ksv Nice Poem.

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