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Exam Fever

I am in bed with exam fever;
Calculating Simple interest, understanding a lever.
Learn active and passive voice,
In midst of all the noise.
While it rains dogs and cats;
I have to study carbohydrates and fats.
While I study about pulleys and lever,
I am in bed with exam fever!

Ujjwala Ananth
10 yrs.

Words of Appreciation

Nandita Shanbhag Great work Ujwala. I am sure that you will never suffer from exam fever because you have been blessed with intelligence and creativity.
Dr Vishwas well what can I say. This is exactly what goes round the mind of every ten year old during exams and to my delight Ujjwala has penned her thoughts perfectly. Hats off to her. Well now since the exam fever is going on I will definitely look forward for a poem from same charming ujjwala after her exams.
ingru mama Hi Ujjwala, Brilliant is the only word I could think of. I am not a poet to express my thoughts poetically. I would be sharing this poem with my students in the class. Great! keep it up
vishal choksi Write poems like this only!

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