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The Haunted House

Larry had just moved to her new bungalow in the village. She was a little afraid because the villagers had said that the bungalow was haunted. They said there are thousands of ghosts wandering in the house. Without minding the villagers comments Larry and her family started living in the house. One day Larry was sitting in the garden. Just then she felt someone standing behind her. When she looked back she saw a black figure with long hands and nails trying to catch her. Screaming loudly she ran through the garden but the strange figure followed. While she was running through the rose plants her hand was hurt, so she quickly hid under some plants and kept quiet.
The strange figure could not find her anywhere and disappeared. Larry was frightened. She came out of her hiding place. She was tired and so she sat under a tree. Soon she closed her eyes and started to relax. Just then she heard mother call and woke up. When she woke up, she noticed that the wound in her hand had disappeared. She thanked god and wondered if that was dream.
Anyway she never saw any ghosts in the house again.

Soundarya Ravindranath Menon
Bhavan's School
Chevayur, Kozhikode

Words of Appreciation

Anjana Santhosh The moral of the story is fear in life is to fear itself. Action cures fear. So be in action. don't be idle. An idle mind is a devil's workshop
akanksha khan This is very good.
heba mukarram Foolish

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