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My Birthday Present

Their lies a box so new,
neatly wrapped in golden hue.
Now & then I rove my eye,
For a glimpse of it with a sigh.
Eagerly I wait for the guests to go,
and I rush to open it, with my sis’ in tow.
Of all the gifts I got on my birthday,
that one special gift had held me sway.
The time arrived,
To open the gift so special,
I unwind the thread, without much hassle.
As my parents had given me a gift of a life time,
There lay in a box, a small clock with a chime,
There was a message on it to guide my soul,
To walk in step with time or it will take it’s toll.

Abhishek Babbar
Class V
Spring dales school

Words of Appreciation

saurabh Arya Good poem with wonderful rhyme. Good going dear. You have enough potential to become a good poet. The world of Wordsworth and Shelly is waiting for you. Best of luck.

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