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Chidki learns a lesson

Once there lived a King who had three daughters, the eldest was Chidki (the selfish and cruel princess) then Hasri (the kind and ever-smiling princess) and the youngest was Radki (the poor cry-baby princess).
One day the King received a letter from his neighbouring kingdom. It was an invitation to the 11th Birthday party of Princess Sita the daughter of the neighbouring King. The King gave the news to his three daughters. He also asked them to buy a birthday gift for Princess Sita. Chidki ordered her sisters, “You both go and buy a gift, till then I’ll take a big nap.” Hasri and Radki went along with the minister and bought a beautiful, glittering, pink dress for Princess Sita.
All the three princesses went for the Birthday party. They had lots of fun there, they danced a lot. When it was time to cut the cake, Chidki picked up the largest piece for herself and gave Hasri and Radki two tiny pieces. “I want the bigger piece.” cried Radki. Hasri, who was very kind, gave her own piece to Radki.
Sita saw all this. She was very clever, she thought of a plan. She let Chidki eat as much cake as she wanted and when Chidki was full, she said, “Now your favourite food items will come - Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis!”. Everybody was excited, their mouth started watering. Hasri and Radki ate a lot of Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis, but Chidki’s stomach was too full to eat anything more. Then she realised that, if she had shared the cake with her sisters, she would have got to eat some Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis too. She felt ashamed and said sorry to her sisters.

Ishita Gajre
Age: 10 years
VPMS Orion ICSE School,

Words of Appreciation

KSV Keerthana A very nice thought and a well presented story at a very young age. Keep it up!

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