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THIS DAY IN HISTORY                Tuesday, 23 May 2017
The accordion was first patented by Cyrill Demian in Vienna.

The French crown jewels were auctioned, raising six million francs.

Italy entered the First World War by declaring war against Austria-Hungary.


Bonnie and Clyde, notorious US outlaws, died in a hail of bullets in an encounter with the police. During their four-year partnership, they killed at least 12 people while robbing banks, petrol pumps and diners.

Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi wanted for war atrocities, was captured in Argentina by an Israeli squad and brought to Tel Aviv to face trial.

The first underwater wedding took place in a coral reef off Mauritius, when Danish tourists, Fleming Koch and Nina Tolgard took their vows in diver's language. An official conducted the service from a glass-bottomed boat while the couple's diving instructor served as underwater witness!

President Pratibha Patil embarked on a five-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir.


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