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THIS DAY IN HISTORY                Sunday, 16 December 2018
Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope, the point from where Bartholomew Diaz had previously turned back to Portugal.

Mount Vesuvius, the famous Italian volcano, erupted, destroying 6 villages and killing 4,000 people.


Revolutionaries dumped boxes of tea into Boston harbor to protest against the high taxes imposed by Britain. The event came to be called the 'Boston Tea Party'.

Jane Austen, English novelist whose popular works include Sense and Sensibility, Prideand Prejudice, Mansfield Parkand Emma, was born.


Arthur C. Clarke, the prolific science fiction writer, was born.

The Pakistani army surrendered to the Indian army in Bangladesh.

Time magazine named "You" contributors of user-generated content to websites like YouTube and Wikipedia as its Person of the Year, recognizing the role of the common man in the Information Age.

Researchers announced the discovery of the ruins of an entire ancient city belonging to the Wari culture in northern Peru.


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