Gandhi Quiz


Wrinkled Winner

A goat, an ass and a camel were walking down a road when they came upon a bundle of hay that had fallen from a cart.
"This hay looks delicious," said the goat, "but it's not enough for all three of us. Let the oldest among us have it."
"Then it should go to me," said the ass. "Do you know, I was in Delhi, when Nadir Shah entered it in triumph in 1739...that makes me at least 250 years old."
"A child compared to me," snorted the goat. "I was one of the animals that was driven from Delhi to Daulatabad when that madman, Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq shifted his capital...."
They suddenly noticed that the camel was calmly nibbling at the straw.
"What are you doing!" shouted the goat.
"Why, didn't you say the oldest should have it?" said the camel. "The two of you may be centuries old but look at me...look at my knobby joints and wrinkled skin.....could either of you be older than me?"
And before the other two could think of a reply, the camel picked up the bundle of hay and walked away.

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