Digital Dimdima


The Fire Specialists

There was an enormous haystack near a village and several small animals had made their homes in it. Among these were a tortoise, a cobra, a mongoose and a jackal.
One day as these four were enjoying an afternoon chat, the other residents came running to them in a state of panic.
"Our haystack is on fire!" they screamed.
"A fire, is it?" said the tortoise. "Please stay calm. I know a hundred thousand ways of dealing with a fire."
"And I know a thousand ways," said the cobra, modestly.
"As for me, I know only a hundred," said the mongoose,"but they're all tried and trusted methods."
"And you, Sir," said the residents to the jackal. "How many do you know?"
"Only one," said the jackal, sniffing the smoke-laden air. "When the fire is this close there's only one thing to do: run!" And with that he jumped from the haystack and bounded away.
"Stupid creature," sneered the tortoise. "He ran away because he has not studied fire like I or my friends here have. Listen to the first method of escaping a fire..."
But he never got beyond that. A tongue of flame leapt out from the centre of the haystack and consumed him and his two knowledgeable friends. The other animals leapt from the haystack like they had seen the 'stupid' jackal do and ran for their lives.

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