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Donkey Who Didn't Help

A dog and a donkey were going to the market with their master. It was a very long walk across a mountainous path. At noon, the master ate the little food he had brought along, unloaded the donkey, and settled down under a tree for a nap. The donkey began to eat the grass growing there, but there was nothing for the dog to eat.
"There are some loaves among the load you were carrying," said the dog to the donkey. "Let's take one and share it between ourselves."
"Wait till the master gets up!" said the donkey, tersely. "He'll feed you then."
Just then a ravenous wolf came into view.
"Help me, help me, dog!" pleaded the donkey, quavering in fear.
"I'm so hungry I don't have the strength to do anything," replied the dog. "Wait till the master gets up. He'll certainly help you."
óJean de La Fontaine

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