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Cows And Cucumbers

Gopal Bhar lived next door to a poor couple who had a habit of day-dreaming.
One day the husband said to his wife: "If I had some money I would buy a few cows."
"Then we would have a lot of milk," said his wife. "I could make plenty of butter and ghee and we could send some milk to my sister too."
"Send milk to your sister!" exclaimed her husband. "How dare you suggest such a thing!"
"But we would have milk to spare," said his wife.
"We'll sell it!" said her husband. "I don't want any more talk on the subject and to make sure you don't carry milk to her when I'm away, I'm going to break every pot in the house!" And picking up the four or five pots they had, smashed them on the floor.
Gopal Bhar who was passing by at that time, asked him why he was breaking the pots and when he learnt the reason picked up a stick and started beating the air with it.
"What are you doing?!" asked his neighbour, puzzled.
"Driving away your cows!" said Gopal. "They've eaten the cucumbers in my garden."
"Eaten you cucumbers!" exclaimed the other man, indignantly. "But you don't even have a garden!"
"I'm going to have one soon," said Gopal, "and I'm going to grow cucumbers in it," and he began hitting out with the stick again.
The neighbours finally realised that Bhar was trying to show them how foolish it was to live in a world of make-believe and felt ashamed of themselves.

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