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Family Misfortunes

A tale from Bhutan:
THE Dough family was an unusual one. The head of the family, Dough, as his name suggested, was a ball of dough. His wife was a slab of butter. They had two children, Ant and Cotton.
One morning, Mother Butter asked her son, Ant to go and get some resin from the mepche tree, as resin made good fuel.
"Stay away from fresh resin," she cautioned. "You could get stuck. Get a small dried piece."
"She thinks I'm still a baby," thought Ant as he climbed jauntily up the tree. "She doesn't know how strong I've become." He saw a big blob of resin emerging from a crack and rushed forward to grab it. And of course he got stuck.

When he didn't return, Father Dough decided to go in search of him.
"Don't go too near the edge of the road," said his wife. "You could easily slip and roll down the side."
"What does she know?" thought Dough as he rolled out of the house. "If I follow her advice and walk down the middle of the road, I could get crushed by the carts going by. I'm safer at the edge."
He zoomed to the edge of the road, lost his balance and went rolling down the side of the steep hill.
When her husband did not return, Mrs. Dough asked her daughter, Cotton, to go out and look for him.
"Take care not to walk in open spaces, my child," warned Mother Dough as Cotton got ready to leave. "You could get blown away by the wind."
Cotton thought her mother was being too fussy and went dancing down the street. Then disregarding her mother's advice she decided to take a short cut across a meadow. She didn't even get halfway. A gust of wind picked her up and carried her away into the mountains.
Mother Butter waited for her family to return. The day got hotter and hotter and Mother Butter began to melt and became smaller and smaller till finally there was nothing left of her except a puddle of liquid.
So ends the story of the Dough family which perished because nobody wanted to be told what to do.

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