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The Lucky Farmer

Once there was a farmer who lived by the bank of river Jamuna.He worked hard to make both ends meet. He wanted to send his son to a good school on the other side of the river.
One day he was returning from a faraway town where he had gone to sell vegetables.Darkness had fallen and he had to go through a forest, notorious for robbers. He prayed hard to God to protect him.
Just then,heavy rains started pouring and the ox- cart had great difficulty in moving ahead. He thought of staying there for a while and continue his journey after the rain stopped. But fear made him go forward and he prodded the oxes on.
Slowly, the cart came on to a clearing. The farmer expected the robbers to attack him any moment. He could hear the wild noises of the jungle from all sides and his whole body went cold, not from cold but fear. He thought about his son and wife at home waiting for him to return.He thought lovingly of his son, who would never go to bed without him by his side.
Meanwhile,the robbers heard the sound of the bells that were tied round the neck of the oxes. As they reached the cart, they could hear the farmer praying loudly. They were amused. They jumped in front of the cart and caught hold of the reins. The poor farmer became numb with fear.The robbers saw that the cart was empty and became furious.They started demanding money but the farmer tremblingly told them that he didn't have any. The robbers were about to run away with the oxes when they heard the police siren.

Story idea by Krishna V Chandra sekharan


No. The police caught them and trashed them.
when the police came the thieves tried to escape but the farrmer caught the thives and handed over them to the police.Thus the farmer went happily to his home.
The terrified robbers didn't know what the siren was. As they were about to run the police came & caught them. The farmer told the police what had happened. The police told the farmer that the one who caught these robbers would get Rs 1 kakh from the government.The farmer went home happily as he could now send his son to school.
Megha Bhatia
As the robbers heard the sound of the siren of police, they started trembling. In a scary voice they begged the farmer not to hand them over to the police and in return they would give him ten gold coins. Now this was a very grand offer for the farmer as he was very poor. He thought twice and called the police and got them arrested. Before going with the police the leader of the robbers asked the farmer to tell him why he rejected their offer and then the farmer replied," I am loyal to my work, family and above all the god. " They got their answer and went with the police.
I think the farmer got robbed and he was tired so he went home with nothing.
Robbers started running with the oxes. But the oxes did not run fast because it was raining. Robbers were surprised to see the police running fast. Soon the police surrounded and arrested them. The farmer went home happily.
The police came up to the robbers and demanded an explanation. The robbers were speechless but bravely the farmer started to speak." Kind sir, I was on my cart heading home when it started to rain. I prayed hoping I might still be able to get back to my home. Then these robbers came and started demanding money from me. I told them that I didn't have any money so they were just about to take my oxen away when you showed up." The police officer said " OK. you can go. But the robbers are going to jail. A sentence of 5 yrs of hard labour." The farmer thanked the police officer and went off.
The robbers started running but were suprised to see that the policemen had blocked their path soon they found themselves surrounded by the police. The robber were caught and the oxes were given back to the farmer.
vaness lim
I think the police caught the robbers because it was raining and the ox could not run as fast as the police.
Tan Yulin
The oxes stopped them from running away by attacking them with their horns.
Tanvi Sarwal
The oxes attacked the thieves, the police caught them and trashed them.
They were caught by the police. The government rewarded the farmer with a cash award who used the money to send his son to the school.
The police ran after the robbers. Meanwhile one of the robbers fell down and was trampled by the oxes. The other robbers wanted to help their friend but it was too late, as the police had arrived. The robbers were caught and the oxes were returned to the farmer. This farmer sure was lucky.
The farmer caught the theives and the police thrashed the robbers.
The police came up to the robbers and demanded an explanation. The robbers were speechless but bravely the farmer started to speak. Now this was a very grand offer for the farmer as he was very poor. He thought twice and called the police and got them arrested.Thus the farmer went happily to his home.
The police caught the robbers.
The farmer ran back to his house. He took up an axe which he often used. He was coming toward the robbers, with his axe that full filled with vengence inside him. He killed those robbers one by one.
The police shot the robbers.


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