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Make A Medieval Scroll

Materials needed
Tinted Paper: Light Yellow : 1 sheet, Brown : 2 sheets, Dark Yellow : 1 sheet
Tissue paper : 2 or 3
Two meter design thread.


1. Make the Top and Bottom Bars.
Take one brown paper and roll it to make a tube having a diameter of around 2
centimeters. Apply gum on the edge and stick it.
Make a second one of same size using the other brown sheet.
2. Prepare the Round Ends for the top and bottom.
Take one or two tissue papers. Crumple them to make a ball shape. It should be a little bigger than the diameter of the bars
already prepared. Make four such balls of the same size.
Cut four square sheets of 4 x 4 inches from the Dark Yellow paper. Take one square paper, apply little gum, place one of the paper rolls in the middle and wrap it . Press and roll the remaining part to form a tail to the ball. Cut an one inch strip from the paper, apply little gum on the tail and roll the paper strip on it to make it big enough to fit inside the paper roll.
Make four such balls with tails.
Fix all the four balls at the four edges of the two bars, after applying gum on the tails. Your top and bottom scroll bars are ready.

3. Prepare the center scroll.
Take the yellow paper. Cut out a rectangular piece having a width less than the length of the Bar. Roll it. Press and hold the edge and cut it in a curved shape. Do the same with the other end also. Open it and you will get the edges in a zigzag shape.
Fold it with a width of half centimeters at the top and the bottom. Apply gum and fix it on the Bars .
4. Prepare The thread
Cut the thread into two . Take one piece, fold it and cut again and tie it to the edge of the paper roll,. Do the same to the other end also.
Your paper scroll is ready.

5. The Finishing Part
Decorate it and write something on it. Roll it and tie it. In front of your friends, open it. By holding it with both hands, read it as if you have got a message in the old medieval style.

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